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How to become an image consultant

“How To Become An Image Consultant"

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Accelerate Your Image Business with Karen and the International Image Institute

All the Tools, Skills, and Resources You Need to Succeed

The International Image Institute provides training, tools, and resources to transformation leaders. If you are image consultant, image trainer, life coach, beauty specialist, or communication coach – we help you be successful with clients and in business.

Are you just getting started, or do you have years of success, or are you somewhere between? Our programs will help you take your technical skills and business to a higher level of ease, effectiveness, and profits.

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International Image Institute is the necessary institute to start your life and realize all of your dreams and live with a passionate, unlimited mindset. The course material was eye opening to a world of new and exciting teachings and lessons so that I could put all the pieces together to solve the puzzle of my image and make it repeatable and achievable.

~ Catherine Baxter AICI CIC, Chic Image Consulting

Our Holistic Image Training Make Us Unique in The Industry!

Add new avenues of revenue to your transformational business. Develop your skills in Holistic Image Consulting.

Our comprehensive programs provide a thorough and solid foundation, inspiration and transformation in all aspects of image – appearance, behaviour and communication - as well as in business.

Karen is a world-leader in image consultant training and is known for her supportive, sharing and inspirational approach.

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Thank you for being an amazing teacher who helped me to grow in so many ways… Your outstanding training…was so inspiring that a new Maria emerged, with more confidence, self-esteem, and a profound feeling of contentment never experienced before. Thank you for giving me wings to fly.

~ Maria Smith

How to become an image consultant

“How To Become An Image Consultant"

Download the book now.

We Offer the Most Extensive and Intensive Training in AICI Core Competencies

Develop skills to last a lifetime as a transformation leader

Get proven strategies and systems to implement immediately

Add massive value to your clients with complete, integrated programs

Differentiate yourself with holistic and advanced systems

Expand your scope and success beyond your expectations and magnify who you are as a person and a consultant

Get life-time access to the materials and to mentoring

Gain credentials from a world-class trainer and an internationally recognized company

Get the best preparation for AICI certifications, and maintain your AICI CEUs

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…I would really like to thank you for your help and guidance, your generosity in time, knowledge, patience, and most of all your friendship. Your excellent teaching, inspirational training, as well as hands-on techniques play a major role in my personal and professional success.

~ Angèle Desgagné, Imagélite International

How to become an image consultant

“How To Become An Image Consultant"

Download the book now.

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The systems for transforming Appearance, Behaviour, and Communication, I have been developing and fine-tuning over three decades. I have made these systems available for use by you and other transformation leaders to help you achieve your goals.

My objective is for you to live your passion, have the impact you want to make, and enjoy prosperity and success. I am providing you with the training, systems, and tools to massively enhance, empower, and enrich your life and business as a transformation leader.

I am passionate about people stepping into their full personal power, and being, doing, and having all they desire. I am excited about the possibilities when we liberate ourselves from our blocks so that we can move into our potential. By facilitating your work with your clients, I am able to magnify the impact of this work.