Travel Tips for your Trips – part 2 of 2

Here are some travel tips for packing and travelling.


To Prepare Luggage:

  • Avoid putting your home address on the bag; only put your name, destination, and flight number.
  • On the inside of the suitcase attach your business card, in case the luggage goes astray.

To Pack Luggage:

  • Place heavier items near the bottom, and lighter, more fragile items near the handle.
  • Make your clothing conform to the shape of the luggage with the fewest folds possible.
  • To minimize creases, line clothing with tissue paper, or cover each folded garment with plastic dry cleaner bags.
  • Fold garments along seams and natural body creases.
  • Fold jackets inside out with lapels together, and then fold in half at waist.  The arms can be folded in half inside.
  • Fold trousers in half at the knee; if the waistband is too wide for the suitcase, fold the back over at an angle.
  • Fold skirts at the hip line or in half length-wise.
  • Fold shirts by folding one-third of each side to the back.  Fold the sleeves over the back so that it falls vertically.  Bring the tails up over the cuffs, and then fold the shirt in half at the waist; the bottom of the shirt will reach the base of the collar.
  • Use folded garments to create tightly packed layers.  Fill gaps with underwear, hosiery and belts.
  • Stuff hosiery in shoes, and place shoes in shoe bags.
  • Use travel size containers for toiletries.  Squeeze out excess air to create a vacuum, and place the lid on tightly.
  • Keep all medications in the original, labelled container.
  • Wrap the toiletry bag in plastic to avoid leakage, and pack in a corner near the handle.
  • Ensure that the weight of each of the two allowed checked baggage does not exceed 22 kg or 50 pounds.  Ensure the weight of the carry-on bag does not exceed 10 kg or 22 pounds.  Items that exceed these limits are subject to excess baggage charges.

When You Travel:

  • Drink water; avoid alcohol.
  • Use travel time to work or read.
  • Get an aisle seat for more space.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods; stand and walk a few steps.
  • For physical fitness, tighten up a muscle or muscle group with about 1/3 of your maximum strength.  Flex and relax the following muscle groups about 6 times:  stomach, thighs, buttocks, back, and shoulders.
  • For business trips dress in business or business casual on the plane.


Incorporate these travel tips, and have a good trip!!


Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP, is President of International Image Institute Inc., Chief Stylist of the Style Institute, and Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International.


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  1. Briel on June 16, 2015 at 10:38 am

    The main rule is that you don’t want to fold the jacket if you can avoid it, which ulsluay means either those special suit-bags you see people carry or else to put it in the largest suitcase you are taking with you.If you want to be absolutely sure that your posessions will not be treated roughly, then carry-on is the onyl way to go, because the people who stock the holds on commercial aircraft are focused primarily on doing things quickly. +3Was this answer helpful?

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