Living Karate-Style: Principles for Life Affirmations – part 2 of 3


Karate principles can be applied as life affirmations.

7.  Show respect and consideration to everyone.  In Karate we bow as one way of showing respect.  In Bunkai (application) or Kumite (sparring) we practice as partners or in teams.  I honour the people that allow me to work with them.

8.  Appreciate relationships.  Life is about relationships.  In the dojo we need to practice with others in order to improve.  The wider the variety of people I work with, the richer and more valuable my experience.  It’s easy to work with people that are similar to me.  I learn even more from people that are different from me.

9.  Become ‘one’ with others.  In Karate as we’re working with our partners we need to feel them, and ‘be’ them.  We are not separate.  I energetically connect with others to expand who I am.

10.  Have spirit.  Attitude is more important than technique.  Complacency can lead to stagnation.  In Karate, a kiai (short yell) magnifies the technique.

11.  Be relaxed and ready.  This enables me to move towards an opportunity (skuri), or avoid a negative (sabaki).

12.  Project energy.  When I expand my energy, I have more personal power, and my actions have more impact.

13.  Breathe!  Diaphragmatic breathing gives me more energy and power.

14.  Be aware!  Ichi gan means first – eyes.  When I know what is happening around me, I am able to respond.  In Karate, we look first.

15.  Balance.  Ni Soku means second – stance.  In Karate we need to be grounded in a strong stance before we execute a technique.  A strong grounding enables me to have balance. In balance, I am steady, and cannot be pushed over.  I endeavour to have balance in my emotions and in my life.

16.  Be resolute. San tan means third – powerful resolute spirit.  In Karate we need to come from a core of absolute commitment. There is no room for fear.  I feel my core power, and operate from that.

17.  Take appropriate action.  Shi riki means fourth – strong technique.  I do what needs to be done.

18.  Strive for perfection.  In practicing a kata (form), we break it down into individual techniques and practice each technique over and over, constantly working at making it the best we can.

19.  Make it count.  Use the most powerful technique to get the job done. One knock-out punch is more effective than 5 half-hearted punches.

I hope you find these principles for life affirmations useful!

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