Living Karate-Style: Principles for Life Affirmations – part 3 of 3


Here are karate principles 20 – 36 for life affirmations.

20.  Focus.  Each technique must have kime or focus.  There is a direct correlation between focus and success.

21.  Persevere.  Take continuous action to improve.  The road to success is one step at a time.

22.  Apply knowledge.  Knowing how to do a technique is not the same as being able to implement a technique.  I endeavour to apply what I know, and constantly improve my application.

23.  Be clear and concise with intent.  In Karate I strive to avoid excessive movement (muda), unnatural thoughts or actions (mura), and lack of meaning behind the action (muri).

24.  Be confident.  In Karate, inhibited or limited techniques do not get the job done.  I allow myself to go out into the world, free of limited thinking.

25.  Be flexible.  Flexibility means I’m able to respond appropriately.

26.  Use timing to advantage.  I take action when appropriate and relax when appropriate.  In Karate some moves are fast action, but there are also pauses of relaxed readiness.

27.  Choose when to use open, receptive communication versus directive.  In a soft (ju) technique, we use our partner’s momentum so that we can then lead in the direction we choose.   A hard (go) technique uses force.  Soft can be as powerful as hard.

28.  Be humble.  We all have value; we all have potential.  I am open and available to grow, and I can learn from any source.

29.  See it through to the end.  Zanshin is an aware and present mind to completion.

30.  Be open to all possibilities.  Mushin is ‘no mind’.

31.  Develop intuition.  I intuitively make the right move at the right time.

32.  Live with ethics, integrity, honesty, sincerity, justice, honour, self-control, composure, stoicism, manners and compassion.  In Karate this is called Bushido.

33.  Live in internal peace and mastery.  This is Budo, which is the name for Japanese martial arts.

34.  Follow the steps to mastery.  ShuHaRi:   Shu – Learn the fundamentals and techniques.  Ha – Reflect on what I know, and look for new ways.  Ri – What I do is natural and transcends knowledge.

35.  Perfect and expand character.  “The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”  – Gichin Funakoshi, father of modern Karate.

36.  Attain enlightenment (mu); this is the pinnacle of Karate.

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I hope you find these principles for life affirmations useful!  And if you’re not already in Karate – maybe you’ll check it out.

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