Living Karate-Style: Principles for Life Affirmations – part 1 of 3



Karate principles can be applied to life affirmations.

In 2000 I started taking Karate at the Richmond Hill Karate Club.  And I have to tell you – Karate does just as much, if not more, for self-awareness and personal growth than it does for self-defense.   How I do Karate is how I do life.  When I’m afraid to commit to a technique because I might get hurt – I ask myself when am I afraid to commit in other areas.  When my technique lacks power – I may also be holding back my personal power to succeed in business.  When I lose balance in my stance – I look to how I may not have balance in my life.   As my confidence grows in Karate, so does my income – it has increased with each change in belt colour.

Here are thirty-six Karate principles that apply to life – relationships, career, and health.

1.  Visualize the outcome I desire. 

What I hold in my mind, I can create.  In a relaxed state, I imagine the ideal scenario.  Thoughts have energy.  The more I think a particular thought, the more energy is directed into making it a reality.

2.  Take responsibility for preparing myself. 

I seek out the education, tools, skills and experience I need to get to the next level.  I get help from my mentors, and I mentor others.  I practice my techniques, constantly striving for perfection, so that struggle turns to ease. I research for deeper understanding and richer context.

3.  Be clear on protocol and procedures. 

When an issue arises, it’s often because there is no system in place, and people involved may have different expectations.  Systems pave the way for absolute efficiency and effectiveness.   I can develop new systems for my life and business, or follow existing systems.  In our dojo we line up in order of belt colour, and follow a formalized system of bowing and acknowledging.

4.  Be appropriate and immaculate in attire and grooming. 

A wrinkled gi (uniform) or poor hygiene is not respectful to me or those around me.

5 Leave ‘baggage’ at the door. 

This means clear the mind to be open for something new.  When I enter the dojo, I remove my shoes and leave them at the door.  I also leave behind anything in my mind that does not involve Karate.

6.  Be of service. 

I endeavour to be of service to everyone in my life and to the planet.  In the dojo, each one of us is of service to each other, and to our dojo.  Even the Sensei helps clean the dojo.

These are the first 6 of 39 life affirmations.  Check out part 2 at

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