How to Dress for Your Age – the 40’s

40’s:  The Achiever / Attainer


“You get better with age.  So should your clothes.” ~ Karen Brunger


To dress for your age in your 40’s, consider how you spend your time. In your 40’s you may be experiencing any of the following:

  • Career advancement and success
  • Achievement of goals
  • Manifesting
  • Personal growth and development
  • Recognition and acknowledgement
  • Established home
  • Accumulation of possessions
  • Self-awareness and confidence

You’re probably achieving your goals and are established in your career.  Your income level is quite comfortable.  You know yourself and have a strong core of self assurance and confidence.  You need to do more intensive work-outs to maintain your body shape and tone.  As everything in your life has expanded, you are probably willing to explore new hobbies, and new ways of being.


Style suggestions:


With the higher income, you are justified investing in high quality designer pieces.  (Armani is a good choice!)  With your position and achievements, elegance is important.   Your clothing would reflect your position and your personal style.  You’re not following the crowds, but doing your own thing, and it’s fabulous.  To dress for your age in your 40’s, it’s important to keep the edge, and make sure your clothing is current.

Caution:  Don’t dress ‘old’!  This is the decade when many women ‘let themselves go’.  I’ve had clients who have lost themselves in the role of ‘mother’.  They box out their curves and sabotage themselves with cheap clothes.  Remember who you are, and be yourself unapologetically.


Karen Brunger is an image consultant and trainer

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