11 Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day that You’ll Always Remember

t your sweetheart know that he or she is important to you.
Hiya Sweetheart!

11 Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

♥ Make a romantic music playlist for yourself and your partner

Fall in love again and pick a song that describes your feelings. Pick a playlist that will make your
sweetheart feel loved and appreciated. The sweetest thing for you and your partner is to pick a
romantic love song and dance together.

♥  Write a love letter or your own invitation

Write the date and time of your romantic night together. Be creative and place the invitation or a
love letter on your sweetheart’s pillow with a beautiful red rose.

♥ Give a sweet and unique present

It will make her or him feel loved. You can buy flowers, organic coffee, a mug, a notebook,
bubble bath…

♥  Make a dessert together

Express the love and start this lovely Valentine’s day with something sweet like my Lovely
Coconut Apple Salad. It will nourish your senses, body, and soul. and bring attraction to each

♥ Have a candlelight dinner.

Setting the mood on your table is as important as the food on the plate and the dress you wear.
Set the table in front of the fireplace with a pretty tablecloth. Light the candles on your table
preferably from beeswax. They are natural, clean-burning, healthy, and smell delicious. Pure
beeswax candles smell pleasant and the smell will not interfere with the smell of your wonderful
delicious nutritious meal.

I like the white tablecloth; it goes very beautifully with gold and red. You can use gold chargers and
white plates and sprinkle some red rose petals on the table.

♥ Watch a romantic movies together

All day long, with your wife, your husband, boyfriend, or your girlfriend. How about a movie in
bed with a bowl of chocolate-dipped strawberries, yum!

♥ Go on adventure together.

Take a day or two off. Explore the nearest area, go for a drive. Have a map in front of you. Close
your eyes and put your finger on the map, and that is your destination.

♥ Have a breakfast in bed

Show your love and affection and treat your sweetheart with a special breakfast. It is an expression
of love, gratitude, and connectivity for your partner. Let your loved one know that she or he is
important to you.

♥  Prepare food together

Invite your partner to prepare dishes with you. Imagine kissing and hugging your partner while

they chop veggies or preparing other dishes and
desserts. Pour some wine or even champagne into glasses. Make something that is alcoholic free such
as refreshing Creamy Coco Piña Smoothie made of fresh coconut meat, coconut water, agave
nectar, and fresh pineapple chunks. It can be a sensual experience.

♥ Cycling together

Going biking together can strengthen your relationship. It can increase your happiness with your
relationship and make your partner fall in love again.

♥ Get a couples massage

Couple massages are very helpful for the relationship. It helps us reconnect after a busy work
schedule. Imagine being together in a peaceful environment with romantic music playing…the
purpose is to balance our bodies, minds, and spirits. Couple massages allow the body to release
feeling good, happy hormones such as oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. They
promote happiness, love, and pleasure.

Love requires care and nurturing and to plan a romantic meal at home more often is a beautiful
way to symbolize love.


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