Work your Wardrobe: #2 – Develop Wardrobe Modules

Use wardrobe modules to create maximum efficiency, and have something for every occasion.

After your closet inventory and purge, it’s time to organize your clothing into modules.  To facilitate this, create wardrobe module charts like the following.  Notice that the ratio of 3rd layer to bottoms to tops is 1 – 2 – 3.  This is the real secret to an extensive wardrobe.  The more your clothing can mix and match, the more choices you will have.  Within each box, write a description of the item.  You will probably have items that can fit in more than one module, so it may take some creative and systematic thinking to create the most effective wardrobe modules.

Function:  (Work, home, exercise, visiting, party, etc.)

Jacket or Sweater

Pants or Skirts




Your module could look like this:


You could repeat the above charts as many times as you need.  Any box that’s empty becomes your shopping list.  You can also photograph your module.

One module is good for about 20 hours a week.  Since you are awake approximately 100 hours a week, you would need at least 5 wardrobe modules.  If you have more than 10 modules, you could probably be using your money for other things!

Here are some ideas of the number of outfits you can get using the module system:

  • 5 modules:  30 – 950 outfits
  • Add one more item to each module (a jacket or top), and from 5 modules you can get 60 to 1,750 outfits.


For more information on wardrobe modules, check out our book:


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