Mission: Business Lesson #4

To help define your services or mission, list as many items as you can under the following headings.

a.  I really love to:

b.   I excel at, or demonstrate a skill when I:

c.   The qualities I appreciate most that I have are:

d.  What’s important to me is:

Under each list, circle the item that you consider to be most important.

Now you can complete the following statement, inserting the words that you circled.

My mission is to _____ (insert a)  and _____ (b), incorporating my ____ (c)  in order to achieve _____ (d).

Here is an example:  “My mission is to speak and inspire, incorporating my open-mindedness in order to achieve enlightenment.”

To add more depth, you can also answer the following:

My greatest life challenge was __________.

The opposite of this life challenge is __________.

Your greatest challenge is often your greatest miracle.  If in overcoming your challenge you create the opposite scenario, this is your miracle.  The challenge of being the ugly duckling transforms into the miracle of being a beautiful swan.  The challenge of being cowardly transforms into the miracle of being courageous.  Your miracle contributes to your life purpose.

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