Niche: Business Lesson #5

I have found the #1 reason for “accidental failure” is attempting a niche market that’s incongruent with the consultant’s qualities.  To define your natural niche, create a chart, and complete the responses below for yourself:


  • Age range: 10 years below to 10 years above your age
  • Highest education you have achieved
  • Highest level of family income you have experienced
  • Industries in which you have experience


  • Countries in which you have lived
  • Places you travel most often
  • City or city area with which you are most affiliated


  • What you value
  • Challenges you face or have faced

The list that you have made above likely describes the qualities of your natural niche or target market.  Like attracts like!

Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP is President of International Image Institute Inc. and provides training and resources to image consultants.

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