Entrepreneurship: Business Lesson #7

As well as servicing our clients, we are also entrepreneurs and business managers.  If you haven’t read Michael E. Gerber’s E-Myth yet, I highly recommend it; it will help you embrace entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, how would you rate your abilities for the following on the scale of Not So-Hot, So-So, Pretty Good?

  • Turn any situation into an opportunity.
  • Construct a vision for the future.
  • Develop strategies for achievements.
  • Create new methods, services, and products.
  • Develop and implement plans for achieving strategies.
  • Track effectiveness and identify areas for improvement and growth.
  • Manage time, energy, and money effectively and efficiently.
  • Achieve goals and objectives.
  • Respond to situations pro-actively rather than reactively.
  • Commit to excellent service and client satisfaction.
  • Experience enthusiasm and passion for work.
  • Build strategic alliances and a network of positive business relationships.
  • Communicates with effective verbal skills
  • Communicates with effective written skills
  • Demonstrate technical mastery.
  • Feel highly motivated to work
  • Commit to personal growth and development.

When you are ‘called’ to entrepreneurship, rather than react to competitive, economic, and social environments, you pro-actively take steps to create the business and life you desire.

Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP is President of International Image Institute Inc. and Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International.

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