How to Find Your Signature Shape

How to find your signature shape? It’s all in the face! When you match the shapes you wear to your body, you create harmony in aesthetics and energy. Let’s define your facial signature shape.

What are the Facial Signature Shapes

Facial shapes can be soft and curved, straight and angular, or a combination. Since we each have a unique shape, the categories we use are very general, and we’re really just finding the closest match. Many of us have a combination of 2 facial shapes – the top half and the- bottom half. Here are the categories I use:

How to Define Your Facial Signature Shape

There are 3 ways to identify your facial shape. In all methods, you need to first pull back all of the hair off your face so that you can see the complete outline of your face.

1) Look in a mirror and imagine tracing the outline of your face. Does it fit in whole or in part to any of the above shapes?

2) Look in the mirror, and with a piece of soap, trace the outline in the mirror.

3) Look in the mirror, and hold up Facial Shape Assessors in front of your face to compare the shapes. Facial Shape Assessors are clear plastic pages with the facial shapes outlined; you can find them at

I sometimes have a client whose face is so unique that they don’t fit clearly into any of my categories. In this case, I draw out the face and ask them what shape they see.

Facial ShapesHow to Apply Your Signature Shape

Anytime you repeat your signature shape in your clothing and accessories, it’s almost magical.  Repeat the shape in your neckline, eyewear, hat, hair, jewelry, and patterns. Even the toe of your shoe!  If you’ve ever had shoes that just didn’t seem “you”, it’s likely that the shape of the toe was not in harmony with your face.

Below are some specific examples. With necklines, the width of the neckline would be similar to the width of your face. Wider faces are best to avoid narrow necklines, and Narrower faces are best to avoid wide necklines.

Round face:  scoop neckline, round, curved jewelry and details, circular or floral patterns, soft pocket square, round-toe footwear.

Heart-shaped face:  open neckline, sweetheart neckline on women, heart-shape or round-triangular combinations in jewelry, soft or triangular pocket square, either round-toe or triangular toe on footwear.

Rectangle face:  turtle-neck, collar band, stripes, rectangular-shape jewelry and details, straight pocket square, narrow angular toe on footwear.

Rahul’s Story

Rahul has a round face. During a wardrobe audit, I was impressed that all of his neckties have curved or rounded designs! His jewelry and belt buckles also have rounded shapes – no straight lines or angles. And of course, he is most comfortable in shoes with a rounded toe.

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