Affirm Your Vision: Business Lesson #2

Lesson 1 was Visualization, in which you create your ideal business in your thoughts.  Lesson 2 is Affirm, in which you describe your ideal business in words.  The written word has more power than the spoken word.  Make your vision as detailed as possible!  Put the target date at the top of the page – I usually choose a date that’s two years in the future.  Write everything in the present tense – as if it has already happened.


Be Detailed

My current business vision is over 700 words.  It includes details of my location, team, services, impact on clients and community, prosperity, business relationships, business philosophy, best practices, emotional climate, awards/recognition, position in the marketplace, media coverage, accomplishments, and more.


Focus on the Ideal

My business vision is written to the highest ideal I can imagine; it provides the inspiration and clarity to expand iinto something more.  I’ve had the experience of writing things in my vision that I thought were impossible – and yet they happened.  What do you really want for your business?


Karen Brunger is an image consultant and trainer.