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Our Mission

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At International Image Institute our mission is for you to live your passion, have the impact you want to make, and enjoy prosperity and success, by providing you with the training, systems, and tools to massively enhance, empower, and enrich your life and business as a transformation leader.

Our Core Values






Do what’s ethically and morally right in every situation, with honesty, clarity, and transparency.

Look for the good in everyone, treat each person with the highest regard, develop sincere, authentic, empowering relationships, and build a community of trust.

Do the very best at all times with a focus on quality, and to be innovative and creative to always find a better way.

Go above and beyond to satisfy clients, support suppliers, and serve humanity, and do what needs to be done to find solutions.

Be open to possibilities, look for opportunities, and focus on desired results with a sense of fun, freedom and balance.

Who We Are

International Image Institute is based in Toronto, Canada, and was founded by President Karen Brunger, an international leader in the personal image and transformation community.

With an ongoing commitment to service, value, and excellence, we bring in-depth knowledge, broad experience and a holistic approach to our image consultant training and products.

Meet Karen

What We Do

Our objective is for you to reach your goals and go beyond, with ease, acceleration, and integrity. We create a safe, positive environment that promotes, inspires, and enables you to get the results you want.

The transformation can be stunning, resulting in a stronger positioning in the marketplace, a dramatic increase in golden opportunities and a greatly expanded level of insight and skills.

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What Our Clients Say

We’ve had the honour and pleasure of working with some amazing clients over our years of image development. From Fortune 500 companies, to students looking to upgrade the way they present themselves, to established transformation leaders, it was rewarding to be part of their successful results.


Joshua Zuchter

International speaker, author, empowerment specialist, and business coach

Professional, world-class, and exceptional in all aspects of Image Consulting, communications, and training, Karen Brunger is one of the most extraordinary individuals I have met.

As an international trainer and professional speaker, Karen is flawless – educating audiences on how to achieve higher levels of success while at the same time inspiring them to reach more deeply to access their inner power.

As an image consultant, aside from her remarkable and consistent skill level, she is also the main catalyst for all of the compliments I receive. I would hire Karen ten times out of ten to help me project my best in front of a camera, an audience, or even socially.

It is one of my life’s greatest privileges to be able to work with Karen, share a stage with her, and to be a part of her team. I also already consistently recommend my clients, executives, entertainers, and corporations alike to her.

Karen’s greatest asset though, is not intentional on her part. I have noticed that when people are simply around her, they become elevated. This is the gift that Karen is.

If you know me at all, you would know that I seek out the best. I am grateful to have found one of them in Karen and recommend her without hesitation and with absolutely certainty.


Michelle Horne

President, Putting it Together

Karen is extremely generous, loyal and comes from the highest place of integrity.  She is a colleague, was my trainer and when I need an Image Consultant, I call her!


Naela Ibrahim

President, Global Image Strategy

Karen is a change-oriented Image Consultant. I can claim from personal experience that a consultation with her will definitely change you or your organization and move you towards your full potential.


Makeup Artist

You have made me look at life in a totally different perspective ….It has changed me and made me work to become the best person I can be.  I am very grateful to have had the chance to meet you…. You have made an impact on my life and for this I will never forget you.  Thank you for everything.


IT Professional

I cannot begin to tell you how my life has changed as a result of our consultation.  I am getting more respect personally and professionally, my sales volume has more than doubled, and I have more confidence and joy.




I wanted to thank you again…and tell you what a difference [the consultation] has made in my life. I have enjoyed feeling & looking my best … color clarity has given me greater confidence that I can feel inside & out… You are making a real difference in peoples lives just like me. Every day, since meeting you, I feel the truth in my appearance. Being authentic is a big deal to me; I relish in my new ability to highlight that authenticity with how I appear. It’s real harmony, and it makes me feel so happy inside I almost can’t stand it!


Li Kin Pang

Founding Director, Potenxia Unlimited

I’ve always enjoyed Karen’s workshops as she puts her whole soul and energy into it to make it personal and effective. She has an amazing way to help you ‘let go’ of your disbelief and blockages to get the results you want. Karen is supernaturally human if there is such a term – she has a way of taking you to the next realm and yet stay very human and realistic. I highly recommend her workshops – you have to experience her to know what I mean!


Vivian Singh

President, Haute Image Consulting

Karen is a shining example of integrity developed through many years of perfecting her skills as an image consultant. Her leadership and experience in the field of image consulting is recognized throughout the world. She is one of the best internationally.


Dominique Vaughan-Russell

President, Vaughan-Russell International

Karen is a highly motivating and passionate instructor/mentor who has a unique ability to tap into her students’ very core and inspire them to reach for the stars. I have learned so much and thank you Karen for empowering me to follow my dreams.


Ronelle A. Bertschinger-Blomerus

President, RBB Consulting

Karen helped me to see “the other end” and to break the barrier which stopped me from realizing how I can really excel! Karen is truly stunning and I strongly recommend her, because she simply is a fabulous Image Expert & Coach.


Jan Fisher

Image Coach

I run out of superlatives. The courses that I attended were the most complete and life changing that I have ever experienced. I feel that living for me will never be the same again as your training has taken me to a whole new level of aspiration and expectation.


Kristin Shoop

Image Consultant

Thank you so much for being such an incredible mentor, advisor, trainer and most of all, inspiration.  Being in your training program absolutely made the difference for me in terms of image consulting being a fun hobby, to being a serious business of which I’m passionate about and interested in pursuing for the rest of my working days.  You showed me it’s possible.  You trained me with the information I needed.  You challenged me.  You taught me the questions I needed to ask, both myself and future clients.  You let me shine, stumble and grow stronger.  Thank you so very much.  You didn’t sell me fish.  You gave me the tools so I could fish on my own  🙂


Workshop participant

Thank you so much for all of your help. I appreciate your time, and the excellent information you have provided me. Your kindness, sincerity, and upbeat attitude are so fun and pleasant to associate with.

Our Clients

Here is a select list of some of our past organizational clients.  Our private clients have included politicians, entertainers, corporate executives, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs. Our focus now is to be a resource for beginner to advanced image consultants and transformational leaders.