How to Master Blog Writing

Have you ever been stumped in your blog writing?  A successful blog will drive people to your website, and establish your credibility for both your readers and Google.

Here are the top three solutions to mastering blog writing.

1.  Identify the content you want to discuss, and research key word phrases.  A software such as Market Samurai can guide you to the most relevant and effective key word phrases.

2.  Ensure your key word phrases are appropriately placed:

  • The title should be a hypnotic headline that includes the key word phrase.
  • Edit the perma-link to be only the key word phrase.
  • In the body that is at least 400 words, ensure the key word phrase is 2 – 5 percent of the content.
  • The title at the bottom is the key word phrase only.

3.  In the body, start with the problem to catch readers’ interest.  Introduce three top solutions, which includes:

  • Strategies
  • Benefits

Next, summarize your article, and make a call to action.  What do you want your readers to do next?  Include links.

Take these points into account in your blog-writing – they will help!


This article on blog writing was written by me as an assignment in a blog-writing class!

Karen Brunger is President of International Image Institute