Image Consultant Training in Brazil

 We welcome the opportunity to do a training in Brazil! Please talk to us about how to make this happen.

Be an Authorized Provider

As an Authorized Provider, you can organize a training in your city, and earn in these 2 ways.

  • All profits after expenses
  • Commission on all products sold during the training

We suggest that all fees and expenses are covered with 5 participants.  You can set the participant fee for what is appropriate for your area. Here is what your role includes.

  • Arranging the dates for the training
  • Finding and enrolling participants
  • Arranging the training location
  • Arranging for a translator, if necessary
  • Booking Karen’s hotel
  • Paying all expenses

Here are a list of expenses.

Karen usually arranges a training in more than one city at a time so that the airfare can be shared, reducing costs.

  • Karen’s fee
  • Karen’s airfare and hotel
  • Karen’s transportation to and from airport, hotel, and training site
  • Training location
  • Translator, if required
  • Refreshments for training, if required
  • Marketing

Here are some ideas for courses.

  • Colour Analysis 1 – 2 days
  • Image Management 2 – 3 days
  • Image for Men 1 day
  • Holistic Systems for Personal Change 1 day
  • Energy Shifting 1 – 2 days
  • Business Boost 1 day

Be An Affiliate

You can earn commission If you know anyone that could use our services or products. You can apply to be an Affiliate in our webstore at

With an affiliate link on your website, you will get 10% commission on all product orders. If you order directly from us for your students, then you will get Trainer prices, and the commission is higher.

Be An Authorized Trainer

We are open to partnering with trainers who share our core values. We have a 3-step process to become an Authorized Trainer with a License to our systems and tools. As an Authorized Trainer, you have access to all of this.

  • Image Mastery training catalogue with partnership branding
  • Electronic certificate with partnership branding
  • ‘Authorized Trainer’ badge
  • Other branded materials as required
  • Trainer pricing on all products
  • Training tools such as powerpoints
  • Qualification on-line program for your students

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