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We are happy to tailor a presentation to the needs of your organization, whether brief and inspiring, or in-depth and educational.

Here are some sample learner outcomes for image and presence building:


  • Identify points of self-sabotage and ways to avoid them.
  • Get personal brand strategies for colour, style, wardrobe and grooming that can be used for a lifetime.
  • Incorporate the 7 principles to optimize your professional image to be appropriate, credible and effective – for your goals, your position, and yourself.
  • Dress appropriately for any professional situation from formal business to casual.
  • Achieve a pulled–together look that will save you time, energy, and potentially thousands of dollars using a Wardrobe Planning 1-2-3 system.
  • Shop strategically – when, where, and how – for an effective, efficient, and empowering wardrobe.
  • Identify what to look for in fit and quality to achieve the highest impact.


  • Function effectively, act with decorum, and use appropriate manners at social and business functions.
  • Treat others with courtesy and respect, with cultural and gender awareness.
  • Competently network, and converse confidently and appropriately in social-business interactions.
  • Enhance career success with appropriate behaviour and etiquette in meetings, the office environment, and electronic communication.
  • Competently navigate a business lunch with appropriate host / guest behaviour.
  • Manage personal attitudes and business commitments with a foundation of ethics, integrity and civility.
  • Acquire habits of top performers to achieve higher levels of insight, self-esteem, balance, and personal power.


  • Use words, tonality, mannerisms, and internal techniques with intention for effective, positive positioning.
  • Somersault challenging situations and conflicts into peaceful solutions, and maintain composure and control regardless of the disruption.
  • Magnify your likability factor; build rapport and develop positive relationships with warmth, empathy, respect and courtesy.
  • Recognize personal communication style, and respond appropriately and confidently to each of the four key communication styles.
  • Incorporate any of 20 tools to turn anxiety into exhilaration, and appear confident in any speaking situation.
  • Develop and deliver a professional presentation that has impact and clarity with an easy step-by-step system.
  • Engage and hold an audience’s attention, and move them to take the desired action.

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