How to Dress for Your Age – the 20’s

20’s:  The Starter | Learner


I am often asked “how do I dress for my age?” I see it as not so much dress for your age, as dress for your body type, personality, and situation. As much as these may change as you go through life, your way of dressing may change to be appropriate.

Here are some of the “all-isms” I hear that I would like to throw out.

  • “If you’re more than 40, you can’t wear shorts.”
  • “If your teen-age daughter is wearing it, then you can’t.”
  • “If you wore it the first time around, you can’t wear it the second.” (e.g. a style that comes back in fashion 20 years later).
  • “If you’re 40-plus, don’t be ‘mutton dressed as lamb’.”

In the next few articles I share my ideas on how to dress for your age in each decade.


How to dress for your age when you are in your 20’s: The Starter / Learner


In your 20’s you may be experiencing any of the following:

  • School
  • Entry-level job
  • Socializing
  • Clubbing
  • Dating
  • Partying
  • Experimenting
  • Changing
  • Envisioning the future

You are spreading your wings, experiencing the freedom of an adult, and most likely enjoying a myriad of relationships. As you are not yet established in a career, your income is entry-level. You are getting to know yourself and your style. Your body is youthful, and most likely toned and in good condition.


Style suggestions:


Enjoy the trends. As you’re getting to know yourself, you’re not ready to invest in serious long-term clothing. You’re probably going to want a variety of colours, styles, and choices. You can wear clothing that is more body conscious.

Caution: If you work in an office, don’t go too cheap, trendy, or body-conscious. You may be sabotaging your credibility.

Check our next article on how to dress for your age in your 30’s.


Karen Brunger is an image conultant and trainer.