Karen Brunger and Joshua Zuchter are offering a profoundly transformational playshop

Energy Shifting and the Law of Attraction

May 11, 2019, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Toronto – location to be announced

When you combine the knowledge and understanding of The Law of Attraction with the step-by-step system of Energy Shifting, you get a simple, yet profound pathway to shift out of challenges and blockages and into resonating with your ultimate self.

Being in the presence of Karen and Joshua means to step out of your comfort zone and allow thoughts, feelings, and inspirations come to life.  I’ve had the blessing of being trained/coached by them and I’ve seen the most amazing things happen as a direct result.  I’m so grateful for the both of you! ~ Daniela Mastragostino

The Law of Attraction

Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is invisible and profoundly powerful; it consists of 3 universal principles that explain how your thoughts shape and create your reality. These principles serve as an instruction manual that have helped countless thousands around the world to create the lives they truly want. Joshua has been directly connected to Abraham, the primary source for the powerful teachings of The Law of Attraction.

Here are some examples Joshua has experienced or witnessed through conscious application with clients:

  •      •   Transformed from near-divorce to marital bliss
  •      •   Sold their house and manifested the house of their dreams within two months
  •      •   Released cancer from their body
  •      •   Generated a six-figure income within the first year of business
  •      •   Filled their practice within one week

“Offer a vibration that matches your desire rather than offering a vibration that keeps matching what-is.”

~ Abraham

“When the magnet does not attract the needle, the fault lies in the dirt that covers up the needle.”

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Energy Shifting

Energy Shifting is a system that allows us to identify and tap into our unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns, and shift to life-enhancing frequencies. As a result of shifting our vibration, we resonate with our positive goals and intentions and move towards the attainment of our potential.

Here are some examples of results Karen has facilitated for participants in energy shifting sessions and workshops:

  •      •   Released life-long affliction to migraines
  •      •   Released toxic relationships with more ease and peace
  •      •   Got the job after challenges
  •      •   Became pregnant after challenges
  •      •   Generated desired income

The results mentioned above from applying The Law of Attraction and Energy Shifting represent a fraction of what we are capable. Bring your challenges to be cleared, and the positive outcomes (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) you want to manifest. Consider the areas of prosperity, health, relationships, career, and more.

Each time Karen and Joshua co-present, the experience is fun, magical, uplifting and transformational. It is their highest intention for everyone to elevate from challenge into ease and from ease into infinite possibilities. They look forward to you being part of this adventure!

Joshua Zuchter and Karen Brunger
playshop audience

I wanted to thank you again for your inspiring, insightful and transformational workshop.  I know I was meant to be there. I feel I have been wandering around, getting glimpses of how the universe works, and you cleared away the fog and brought me to the tablet on which the “keys” were written. Your clarification around affirmation statements was invaluable.  You articulated something I was feeling and experiencing but wasn’t sure what was missing. I feel empowered and excited to build my practice from a place of expectation. ~ Vickie

About Karen and Joshua

Joshua Zuchter is an internationally renowned transformation coach and speaker. He has coached over a thousand executives and entrepreneurs in over 10 countries, and has delivered workshops for tens of thousands. Joshua is a regular guest expert in the media, and is a leading specialist on consciousness, human behaviour, and the Laws of the Universe.

Karen Brunger is an award-winning holistic image trainer, and a pioneer in the industry. She has conducted workshops and sessions on personal energy and image on five continents. Karen’s systems and products are in over 80 countries. She has authored 9 books, co-authored others, and is a regular guest expert in the media.

Rave Reviews

On a manifesting note, I subscribe to Lotto 6/49 and do win frequently (once a month or once every two months).  Since the session, not only have I won five times, but four other cheques I wasn’t expecting showed up!  Money comes easily and effortlessly in expected and unexpected ways! Thank you for all the wonderful thoughts and creations you are opening up my mind to! ~ Shairoz

Joshua delivered the goods! He presented steps that are easy to understand and follow through on. Now, I don’t know if it is because I did the 5 minute talk he suggested, but I have been doing that the last 2 days and now I am totally booked tomorrow and have client bookings coming in for next week and I had nothing booked previously!!!!! Thank you! ~ Seminar Participant

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your coaching. It is wonderful to connect with someone who really truly cares about people  Life is an endless process of evolving and it is nice to truly find a real person in a world caught up in ego-centricism. To find a coach who truly vibrates at a high state of consciousness and radiates positive paths and directs you to achieve and work towards a similar evolution is a unique experience. Your guidance is much appreciated. ~ Gale

“Karen helped me to see ‘the other end’ and to break the barrier which stopped me from realizing how I can really excel! Karen is truly stunning and I strongly recommend her, because she simply is a fCoach.” ~ Ronelle

I’ve always enjoyed Karen’s workshops as she puts her whole soul and energy into it to make it personal and effective. She has an amazing way to help you ‘let go’ of your disbelief and blockages to get the results you want. Karen is supernaturally human if there is such a term – she has a way of taking you to the next realm and yet stay very human and realistic. I highly recommend her workshops – you have to experience her to know what I mean! ~ Li Kin

There are no words to express my gratitude for the most valuable and healing session.  It was wonderful and humbling!  You are so special.  God bless you! ~ Angie

Thank you very much for sharing your warmth and providing clarity in my life. The awareness I now have has given me comfort and strength to step on the stepping stones I come across and to “BE” the best person I can be.” ~ Josephine

Fee Schedule and Details

Enroll in Energy Shifting and the Law of Attraction Coaching from Karen and Joshua is 250-450 per hour. If you had to pay privately for this day, it would be $7700.  Our fee is 497.

Bring a friend (maybe your mother for Mother’s Day), and you each get a 25% discount!

Due to limited seating there are no refunds, but tickets are transferable.

You will be sent an orientation with the specific Toronto location and other details.


  •      •   tough questions about your greatest challenge from the past month or your lifetime. You may choose to clear them with Joshua’s guidance.
  •      •   a list of challenges you’d like to clear, and a list of goals you would like to attain. The lists are confidential to you, but you will have the opportunity to shift your frequencies to resonate with the optimal.

Select participants will have the opportunity to ask Joshua questions that are specific to them, similar to what you have heard or seen in all other Abraham workshops.

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More on The Law of Attraction

If you have read the book or seen the movie The Secret, you are aware of the teaching of The Law of Attraction, which essentially originated in our modern age through Abraham Hicks as channelled by Esther Hicks.

This is a simple principle based on three premises:

  1. The Law of Attraction: You ask the Universe or God or Source, whichever you are connected to, for what you want.
  2. The Deliberate Law of Creation: The Universe answers your request, essentially immediately.
  3. The Law of Allowing: You receive, or align with, or allow into your life your initial request.

This sounds simple because it is, but most of us get hung up on the third premise. This is because as humans it is easy to look at our lives and really notice, and therefore amplify, what is causing us to ask for what we want in the first place. In fact, we are masters of doing this. If we were as masterful at aligning with what we want as we are with aligning with what we don’t want, we would be in perpetual bliss, enjoying the receiving or the realizing of what we want all day every day. This is our main goal for this workshop – to master the art of allowing and receiving and alignment.

What we want exists on a frequency like a radio station does through the radio. The purpose of our workshop is to support, assist and guide you to tune in to the frequency of what you want. Through various fun, inspiring, empowering, and creative exercises, we will all experience and therefore discover how to shift from one station such as lack to another, such as abundance, and fairly quickly. We will have some fun and enlivening team work and enjoy exercises that Joshua has discovered are some of the most effective for shifting into a higher state and aligning with what we desire.

Because energy shifting is such an effective tool for elevating our frequencies, we will also be using that to practice the law of allowing and allowing in with great ease the frequencies of having rather than wanting.

We are so pleased to be sharing these techniques, tools, and really joining on this leading edge experience together!

More on Energy Shifting

Everything – thoughts, words, actions, physicality – is energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. When our frequencies are ‘out of tune’ or ‘off’, we resonate with limitation – which could be in health, relationships, prosperity, or anything.

You can identify this constricted or incoherent resonance, and shift it to a more optimal level – like tuning into a radio station. When you resonate with, or are tuned into frequencies of positive, life-enhancing beliefs and possibilities, your experience of life spirals up to a higher vibration, giving you new perspectives, transformed experiences, and opening you to new possibilities.

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