The Gift Certificate as a Source of Revenue

While people are busy with holiday preparations, your clients being able to purchase a Gift Certificate from you can help keep up your revenue.


Here are three steps to develop a professional Gift Certificate.


1.     Design.

Include your:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Contact information
  • Location of service
  • To:  / From:
  • Service being gifted


2.     Promote.

Let people know about your Gift Certificate through:

  • Your newsletter (sent regularly)
  • Your website
  • Cross-promotion; a promotional postcard that you can leave with your strategic alliances – hairdresser, spa, boutiques, etc.
  • Networking


3.     Prepare for Different Formats.

Here are 3 options for formats:

  • Email:  In this technological time, I find most people prefer a Gift Certificate in electronic format.  Email the certificate to the purchaser in a PDF format.
  • Print:  If print is preferred, print it in colour on high quality card stock.
  • Webstore:  If you have a webstore, your clients can generate their own Gift Certificate.


Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP is President of International Image Institute and Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International