Holiday Cheer for Clients

This is the time of year when we show appreciation for each other, and celebrate our relationships with holiday cheer.  By doing so, they become even stronger.  Positive relationships lead to referrals and repeats!

Consider how you might acknowledge your current clients and alliances:


1.      Offer a Gift Certificate for a specific service.  This allows those who have not yet experienced what you offer to have a glimpse of what you do.


2.      Give a product that relates to your industry.  This could also be a product that you sell, so that people can purchase more if they choose.  Ideas for products include:

  • Shoe box
  • Cosmetics
  • Compact mirror
  • Hangers
  • Scarf
  • Jewellery
  • Potpourri


3.      Host an event for everyone!  Invite clients, prospective clients, friends, strategic alliances, and anyone else for holiday cheer.  If each person also brings a guest, this expands your network.  Ice-breaking games can facilitate interaction and result in a lively party atmosphere.  Games and entertainment can relate to the season, but also to your business.  Here are examples of games that I’ve used.


Who is This?   This game requires some work on your part, but it is well worth it.  Prior to the event, ask each guest for 2 or 3 statements that are unique to them.  Develop lists of these statements, in random order.  As guests arrive, each is given a list of statements (you will have many different lists).  Their job is to find the person that matches each statement.  The first person to complete their list gets a prize.

Trivia about [topic such as fashion].   Develop a list of simple and interesting questions where the answers would be single words or true/false; for example, “Name an Italian designer”.  The first person to complete the quiz correctly gets a prize.

Find The / Count The   At my Holiday Party I do this game with reindeer.  Some are prominently displayed, and some are more hidden.  The person who finds all the reindeer, or who answers with the correct number of reindeer, gets a prize.


Bring on the holiday cheer!


Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP, holistic image consultant, is President of International Image Institute Inc., Chief Stylist of the Style Institute, and Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International