Image of Abundance


Image can facilitate having a wealth of whatever you desire – money, relationships, success.

First, we need to establish that everything is energy frequencies, including your image, which is comprised of:

  • Physical characteristics; your body is a physical manifestation of your entire energy system. As you change as a person, your body changes.
  • Body Language; your posture, movements, and facial expressions all have vibration. How we act most of the time, we tend to become.
  • Clothing & Grooming; fabric, colour, style, and details have frequencies. They can amplify or diminish your frequencies.

Your image can propel you toward abundance – or scarcity!

If your image communicates:

  • Scarcity – you may find that you struggle to get what you want, resent that you need to prove yourself, and justify a lack of opportunities.
  • Getting by – you may feel comfortable and secure, but perhaps also bored, or as if you’ve hit a ceiling beyond which you are not able to expand.
  • Abundance – then you may feel excited and confident about expanded possibilities and opportunities.

An image of abundance appears successful, comfortable with wealth, and easy with relationships and leadership.

Here are 3 main tips to follow for an image of abundance.


High Quality

Like attracts like. High quality clothing is a magnet for wealth.  Even if you don’t see the difference that quality makes, others do. How do you tell quality?

  • Fabric is refined and soft.
  • The cut and drape should be ‘wow!!’ and fit you impeccably.
  • Construction is fine.

With our standard of living in Canada you are justified spending 1 – 1 ½% of your gross annual income on one elegant business-type outfit, excluding accessories. Some of you may need to pause to take a breath.  Remember you can always buy discount!

Quality body language means straight, relaxed posture with weight evenly distributed on both legs, open body language, confident controlled movements, and a positive facial expression.


Authentic Style

Your magnetism can attract whatever you desire! If you wear the colours, styles, and fabrics that match your physical features, you will look your most healthy, stunning, powerful, and sexy. Make sure your hair and makeup is right for you!

Your body language is always in alignment with your emotions and thinking. If you focus on being the very best version of you, your body language will communicate an authentic confidence.



Dress for whatever it is you want to attract or feel. When you put on clothes, you put on an attitude.  If you want an abundance of corporate success – dress corporate. If you want an abundance of health and fitness – dress for athletics and get moving!  If you want dates – dress tastefully alluring.

Body language also needs to be appropriate, whether it’s a social greeting, business presentation, or dinner date.


Use these 3 simple steps to magnetize your image – and attract abundance!


Karen Brunger, AICI CIP is an image consultant trainer and President of International Image Institute Inc.