Image Consultant Training Programs

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Choose from 7 Transformation Courses!

7 courses provide a thorough and solid foundation, inspiration, and transformation in internal and external image – appearance, behaviour, and communications.

At whatever status you have achieved in your image business, you can choose the transformation courses that will take you to the next stage. We offer the most extensive and intensive training in AICI Core Competencies.

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Appearance – Behaviour - Communication

The Foundations, Qualification and Mastery programs include 7 courses under two categories:

  1. Essentials [external image]
  2. Advanced Holistic  [internal image]

You get lifetime access to the online Inner Circle Training Room for updates!

If you choose Foundation or Qualification, you can upgrade to the Mastery at any time.

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I have personally gone through Karen Brunger’s training and it changed my life forever. Not only did she provide information that was over and above what she promised to deliver – but she did so in a manner that was fun and interactive. It’s clear that Karen’s knowledge of the industry is something that everyone could benefit from! She is certainly my first choice when directing someone on where to learn more about the image consulting industry or to further their education in it. I saw the most beautiful, life-transforming moments take place in her training! From personal experience I know I am a changed woman in the best way possible because of having been taught by Karen. The other people in the training told me they had the same experience.
I highly recommend anything Karen offers for training as it will leave you with a wealth of knowledge, positive energy, love, and experiences to last you a lifetime.

~ Christie Ressel

Image Consultant Training Programs

Download the Training Program Directory

Essentials [External Image]


Conduct an advanced colour analysis using the world’s most popular system. Develop your skills to confidently analyze undertone, season, flow, and dimension.

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Create transformational results with body image coaching, body and personality style analysis, personal brand strategies, and wardrobe management systems.

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Uncover the multitude of in-depth secrets of menswear and men’s accessories, and what’s appropriate for personality, body type, and function.

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Advanced Holistic [Internal Image]


Facilitate personal change for personal power. Get tools for inner transformation, and help your clients move through limitations and achieve their potential.

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Coach clients on social grace and professional polish, including power dining, host and guest duties, the art of conversation, and event planning.

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Tap into the demand as a communication coach, and work with clients on relationship building, increasing the likability factor, effective networking, and poise under pressure.

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Enable your clients to speak and present with confidence, clarity, and credibility. Get more than 50 tools to present with power and for profit.

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Karen is a really beautiful and learned Image Consultant. She just knows it all and has total belief in her client’s individuality. I feel totally blessed and fortunate to have taken her training, that too in my own country. She is a real human and powerful Image Consultant who has magic in her work, the right eye for detail, and understanding. Her in-depth knowledge of the Image field and her loving nature is just what we all need to fulfill our dream as an Image Consultant. She just makes everything fall into place. Love you Karen.

~ Sonam Arya, India

Image Consultant Training Programs

Download the Training Program Directory

AICI CEU Provider


Note:  Earning AICI CEUs is not a requirement of general membership with AICI. However, if you are currently certified through AICI with CIC, CIP or CIM then you must earn CEUs to retain certification.

To receive AICI CEUs, for each course:

  • Participate fully and complete all course work
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form

If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to

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Thank you so much for an incredible week with you. The information learnt will truly be life changing for me. I feel honoured to have met you and am so excited about my new-found knowledge about image style, personality style, fashion style, business style...gosh, the list goes on. Everything we learnt will definitely streamline and transition our business into a powerful business model to empower each other to reach new heights of potential, as well as many, many other women around the world…. Thank you, Karen, for opening new doors for us. You were so generous in sharing your knowledge, time and experience.

~ Bonita Luck

Image Consultant Training Programs

Download the Training Program Directory