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Business Builders To Get Clients


Joshua Zuchter

How To Get Clients

Joshua is a specialist in understanding how the mind, behaviour, energy and relationship dynamics work together. He has helped many hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners build successful businesses and attract greater success, and has also helped many individuals and executives create and live more fulfilling lives – including me!

Joshua currently runs one of the most successful coaching practices in Canada. Check him out at www.joshuazuchter.com.


Sean Stewart

How To Get High Ticket Clients

This recording includes a GIFT! At the end, Sean tells you how to download The Diamond Package DesignerTM – “The 5-Step Shortcut to Creating Your High-Ticket Offer”.  You won’t want to miss it! You also have the opportunity to receive a FREE coaching call with Sean.

In this Advancement Call, you will learn:

  • The BIGGEST mistakes that can cost you ideal clients
  • What it takes to get a “yes” from a high ticket client
  • How to experience TOTAL CONGRUENCE in your enrollment conversations… which leads to a 75% (or higher) conversion rate
  • 3 critical mindsets to help you turn objections around with confidence and without coming across as pushy
  • The CORE place in the sales conversation where your prospect experiences a 10X raise in value, which makes your high end program a ‘no brainer’

Sean Stewart is a speaker, trainer and mentor for mission driven coaches and entrepreneurs.  Sean’s main focus is to help his clients build 6 figure businesses by attracting and enrolling high-end clients. Sean’s clients often come to him with a lack of leads and a fear of asking for a high ticket sale. Through his transformation-based systems, he helps them solve those problems to quickly move to the business they desire. 7 figure business leaders (Ted McGrath, Marni Battista, and Marisa Murgitroyd) have hired Sean to help their sales teams increase conversions. Sean has been a featured expert on NBC news, on Fox News and in The New York Times.

You can learn more by visiting www.thecreativetrack.com.


Christine Aquin Pope

Blast Open Big Doors – How To Get Corporate Clients

Christine Aquin Pope shares her bulletproof tactics to reach the decision-makers and book the presentation. The author of Blast Open Big Doors, Christine specializes in helping salespeople and business owners with her proven methods for perfecting prospecting and accelerating sales, allowing them to succeed without the fear of rejection.

Check out Christine’s book at https://imageconsultantproducts.com/blast-open-big-doors/.


Kelly Jo Murphy

How To Get Clients With Sales Funnels

Kelly Jo offers us her free Soul to Soul Sales Blueprint at http://kellyjomurphy.com/danceblueprint

In this Advancement Call, you will get the answers to these questions:

  • What is a sales funnel?
  • Why do we need sales funnels?
  • How do we choose what goes in a sales funnel?
  • How do we line up our offers in a sales funnel?
  • How do we convert our ideal clients through our sales funnel?

Kelly Jo Murphy’s creative and contagious energy helps inspire, encourage and guide you on the path you are meant to walk, run, skip or dance in your business – all the way to the bank without selling your soul.

She believes bold, soul-centered entrepreneurs who want success on their terms, in their own way, must listen to their own intuitive expert within, AS WELL AS become a master marketer and salesperson. As you connect with yourself in that way, you will also connect with your clients, and sales happen naturally in every step of your sales funnels.

Along with her 16 years of spiritual, creativity and marketing coaching as well as 24 years of being a successful entrepreneur, she has a knack for breaking down complex sales and marketing concepts into step by step practical tips that you can start benefiting from TODAY.

Business Builders For Marketing Strategies


Kim Speed

Create Your True Brand

Getting brand clarity and focus will build a strong business and increase your profits. In this interview you get easy step-by-step actions that you can implement and execute immediately to help you increase sales with the right clients.

Kim Speed is an experienced branding expert, graphic designer, author, speaker and workshop facilitator. Kim is the owner of Purple Moon Creative, Brand and Marketing Boutique, where she helps start-up companies and small business owners become visible to their prospects, and turn those prospects into clients. Kim’s passion is to help business owners find the clients they love to work with, and turn them into loyal fans.

For almost two decades, Kim worked on high profile brands in the financial, food and beverage, retail, telecom, and petroleum industries at some of the top advertising agencies in Toronto. As Creative Director she successfully led a team of twelve copywriters, art directors and graphic designers. She and her team were the recipients of numerous marketing industry awards, and even earned a Guinness World Record for the largest Scratch and Win Lottery Ticket.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Kim realized that the creative part of building a brand can only be successful if the business has strong brand strategy. When she began to focus on brand development for her clients, the results were immediate. Kim now teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to find their true brand and use it to attract more ideal customers.

You can find out more about Kim’s services at http://purplemooncreative.com/.


Kate Beeders

How To Do A Strategy Session To Get Yes!

Are you looking for an easier way to get clients to say “yes” to you?  It’s important to feel comfortable and authentic instead of salesy – especially when talking about money.

In this coaching call, Mindset, Money & Marketing Expert Kate Beeders teaches the Art of the Sales Conversation.  You will learn:

  • How to feel authentic while talking about your products and services so your prospective clients are eager and excited to work with you.
  • A system for what to cover during a strategy session.

To learn more about Kate and her coaching programs, go to http://www.katebeeders.ontraport.com/t?orid=9884&opid=12

Kate Beeders, The Breakthrough Expert and Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™, helps entrepreneurs and corporate professionals tap into their Zone of Brilliance and accelerate their success. Prior to coaching, Kate was a successful business development and marketing professional and started her career as a flight attendant which is the ultimate education in customer experience. Over the last five years, Kate has helped thousands of people go from stuck to successful with the Money Acceleration System™ and is a sought-after speaker at events across North America. She is also the best-selling author of the book The Winning Way.

Over the last five years Kate has helped thousands of people go from stuck to successful with the Money Acceleration System and is a sought after speaker at events across North America.  She is also the best-selling author of the book The Winning Way.


Shayna Rattler

How To Land Corporate Sponsors

Landing corporate sponsors is one of the most lucrative, yet misunderstood revenue streams a small business owner can tap into. Shayna Rattler teaches you the real deal of attracting corporate sponsors to invest in your brand. You will learn:

  • How corporate sponsors can increase your impact, influence, and income
  • How to position your brand to get their attention
  • What to offer them to get them to say YES

Shayna Rattler has earned her distinction as the Corporate Attraction Coach™ by empowering small business owners and corporate America over a 10+ year business career. As a coach, consultant, and speaker, Shayna has developed and taught tried-and-true strategies, which have enabled small businesses and corporations to connect and prosper together, resulting in hundreds of key partnerships and millions of dollars in profits.

She is the person to turn to if you want to grow your business by working with corporate clients and sponsors because she has done so herself, thus giving her tremendous insight into corporate marketing and purchasing.



Karen Hilts

Websites 101

Get the answers to:

  • Why wordpress and not some builder website like Wix or weebly or squarespace?
  • How do we get a wordpress site?
  • What is the best way to plan out a website?
  • How do we choose a template?
  • How many pages are optimal?
  • Is there a particular order that’s ideal for navigation (home, about, services, contact us, etc.)
  • How many words should each page be?
  • What are plugins?
  • What type of content should be included in your website?
  • Should we be blogging?
  • How do i find images for my website?
  • What is SEO?
  • Why is it needed?
  • What can we do for SEO?

Karen presents a very hot offer which you may not want to miss! You can check Karen’s website at http://websitestoprofits.com/.

Karen Hilts has been helping solo business owners and entrepreneurs succeed online since 2006, providing Web Development and Online Marketing Services. Her goal is to help you build your foundation online to get in front of new audiences, increase your visibility, grow your authority, so you begin generating profits. Karen also has background experience as a Social Service worker and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner. In 2017, Karen won a Best of the Best Award in the Hamilton Spectator Reader’s Choice Awards. She works with clients globally, from her home office in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Pauline Wiles sq

Pauline Wiles

Is Your Website Working For You?

Your website is your online home, and it’s essential that it represents you. What are the key trends in website design that you should be aware of, to make sure your online home looks attractive and current? Pauline Wiles shares some easy edits to keep your pages looking fresh, and you'll learn bonus tips for persuading clients to take the next step.

Pauline Wiles is a website designer who helps solo entrepreneurs create an online home they’ll love. She coaches her clients towards websites that are low on clutter and high on impact... and she enjoys dispelling the myths around how difficult a web project should be. British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to an occasional yearning for afternoon tea and historic houses.



Zayna Rose

How To Set Your Fees

Zayna is an Image Strategist & Consultant at Zayna Rose Inc., her Toronto-based practice. Services involve personal branding, public image development, interpersonal communications coaching, media training and styling. An international clientele includes those in finance, technology, law, communications and entertainment. Everyone from entrepreneurs to corporate executives and high-profile individuals are provided with customized image management strategies that can include PR and brand equity advice.



Joanna Sapir

How To Set Your Fees


  • How to streamline your pricing, packaging, and sales process for better client results, more satisfied clients – and steady income for your business
  • The way to stop wasting your time on tire-kickers or people that aren’t serious about moving forward, and get out of the “send me a proposal” trap of infinite follow-up emails that go nowhere
  • How to attract the right prospects for your highest-level services and turn them into great long-term clients
  • Why having a great website, a great lead magnet, or a great social media presence won’t actually bring you more clients – unless you know how to do this one thing right
  • What never to say in a consultation and why (and what to say instead) if you want to make more sales of your high-end services

Joanna Sapir is a Business Coach, a National Champion Olympic-style Weightlifter, and Commander-in-Chief of the Ginger Army. She has been a teacher and mentor her whole life from the classroom to the gym floor and now to businesses across the world – helping innovative consultants, coaches, and health & wellness practitioners that are highly-skilled at their craft and passionate about what they do build profitable, sustainable and fulfilling businesses. Learn more at joannasapir.com.


Emerald Greenforest

How To Come Out Of Your Shell So You Can Sell

Asking for Money SUCKS! Sometimes it feels that way doesn’t it?  You have invested tons of time and energy in creating your business – you have laid out your soul to your community – you have devoted countless hours and days and weeks and months to building your brand, getting things to look great, preparing and preparing and preparing for getting your big beautiful bodacious message & service out to the world and what happens is that in order for you to really make a difference and really make a business that is sustainable and can continue to carry that message out to the world regularly and powerfully is that you have to

SUCK IT UP and ACTUALLY ASK people for money!! How can you share your own wealth of wisdom and become wealthy in the process?  It all starts with the Inner Game of Sizzling Sales and really feeling EMPOWERED asking for money.  Whatever your business if you aren’t asking for money you aren’t IN business – what you have is a really expensive hobby!

Enjoy this powerful and transformative talk where Emerald GreenForest shares:

  • The Challenge of the OVER GIVER – Are you one of those messengers, coaches, mentors, healers, teachers, authors, speakers or trainers who just gives, gives, gives & you never seem to have a fair return for all that you have put out into the world or into your business?
  • The Challenge of being ATTRACTIVE, VISIBLE & PURSUED – Are you secretly sabotaging yourself by hiding your light & spending all your time working ON your business, so you’re never really IN business?
  • The Challenge of MASTERING POWER – Are you intimidated & overwhelmed by the idea of serving hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, so you keep staying small & holding back from really stepping into your purpose & mission?
  • Five Simple Steps to Feel Safe & Powerful Asking For Money so you can enroll with ease and make selling a breeze!
  • And, the SECRET Reason why most creative entrepreneurs & change agents have such a hard time enrolling clients & making money – it’s not what you think!

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, during the call Emerald will be making the following offer:

Offer:  Listeners are invited to apply for a complimentary consultation with Emerald at the following link:  www.commandmorecashflow.com.


Heather Wilson

3 Secrets To Filling Your Online Events

Heather shares:

  • How to quickly plan an online event using Zoom…
  • 3 key planning secrets that are necessary if you want a full house and big profits…
  • Her #1 sure-fire strategy to increase attendance…

Plus, receive her Event Mastery Timeline for free, so you know exactly when you need to be doing each task.

Heather E. Wilson is a business coach, speaker, author, and adventurer all rolled into one dynamic package. Her passion is working with coaches, speakers and experts to leverage their business and get their message out in a big way through hosting their own live events and retreats. Using her step-by-step process, clients learn how to plan, organize and fill their live events and retreats quickly and easily. She believes that everyone has the power to create a life they love.

Heather is a mother of two; she LOVES shoes; her favourite drink is a Cosmo; she is always on the lookout for an adventure and she’ll try just about anything once. She enthusiastically leads by example and women love to join her on adventures, wherever they may lead.

Heather is the author of “Your Life According to You” and the creator of “Travel that Transforms” adventure retreats. Heather E. Wilson is an active member of the Global Sisterhood of Powerful Women Leaders and the Canadian Coach.


Tracy Lamourie sq

Tracy Lamourie

How to Get Media Coverage to Build Your Reputation

Tracy provides actionable tips on how anyone can elevate themselves as thought leaders and catapult to the top of any industry using earned media (not advertising!) publicity to be considered AUTHORITIES in their fields…

Tracy Lamourie, international award winning publicist, is the Managing Director of Lamourie Media Inc., a Universal Women's Network 2020 Woman of Inspiration Winner for the Women In Media award, and the author of the upcoming book GET REPPED - Build Your Brand With Effective Public and Media Relations. She is the winner of the First Place Platinum award Hamilton Spectator Readers Choice for PR 2018, Diamond 2019. She is a frequent guest on TV, radio and high profile podcasts around the world on topics of leadership, empowerment, and entrepreneurship as well as all aspects of media and public relations.


Systems To Make Money


Zayna Rose

How To Create Consistent Income Online With Memberships

Zayna Rose shares how to:

  • structure your consultations to work less and serve more people
  • meet the current needs of new and existing clients
  • get started with membership programs

Zayna is an Image Strategist, Consultant, TedX Speaker and Host of the On Stage Style podcast. She helps entrepreneurs, speakers and other professionals to present themselves authentically, confidently and strategically.

Zayna has been featured on national television and in newspapers such as CTV News Channel, The Globe and Mail, The Business News Network, CityTV, BBC online, CBC.



Deborah Boland

How To Make Money As An Affiliate

As an image consultant, you may be recommending clothing, accessories and other fashion and beauty items to your clients. As an affiliate you can generate an income when any of your clients or followers purchase what you post. Deborah will share her secrets on how to get started!

Deborah Boland has been able to generate a lucrative business using Affiliate Marketing. For over 12 years Deborah has been providing style advice and shopping suggestions to women via a number of digital marketing methods. She is an AICI certified Image consultant and the Publisher of Fabulous After 40, an online fashion community for women 40, 50+.



Craig Nordstrom

How To Do A Remote Wardrobe Session

Craig shares:

  • Key differences we need to know between traditional in-person services and virtual services
  • How we can accomplish image consultations remotely

Craig Nordstrom is a co-founder of Hue & Stripe, a tool used by hundreds of image professionals to extend relationships with their clients, especially as they are increasingly online. Before starting Hue & Stripe in 2014 he taught Tagalog for 4 years, so he knows how to teach new languages, whether that is technology or how to work remotely. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and two kids (a son and daughter) with another daughter on the way.



Terri Ghio And Suzanne Brinks

An Opportunity For Wardrobe Consultants

Perfectly.Me is offering Wardrobe Consultants colour-charted women’s knit apparel. It’s online shopping, and no inventory is required. You get a commission for your clients’ purchases. The easy-wear clothing is good for travel and everyday. Styles include leggings, tunics, pants, tops, dresses, skirts and jackets.


Business Builders For Business Development


Nicki Chang-Powless

How To Avoid Feast Or Famine In Your Business

Are you:

  • Struggling to take your business to the next level?
  • Looking for ways to make more profit with your business?
  • Too busy working “in” your business instead of “on” it?

Join us to discover:

  • The most common challenges for business owners
  • The biggest mistakes that prevent business owners from taking their business to the next level
  • How to create systems that give you consistent results

Nicki Chang-Powless is a speaker and the Amazon Bestselling author of “Putting the Pieces Together: Your Survival Guide to the First Five Years in Business”. Nicki left the corporate world in 2014 after 23 years. When she realized that her business

experience was not common knowledge among small businesses and that over 50% of business don’t make it to 5 years, it became her mission to help improve these numbers. Her programs have made such an impact on the small business community that she

was the recipient of 2018 Best New Business Venture award at the SuPEARLative Awards and 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year at the Business from the Heart Awards.



Ashwin Dewan

Plan For Profit

Ashwin Dewan shares a template on how to set up your business infrastructure to generate a profit.

Ashwin is a co-founder and Managing Partner of the Indian School of Image Management. Connect with him on LinkedIn!



Julian Palmer

How To Benefit From Virtual Assistants

This advancement call answers these questions:

  • How do you know when you need a Virtual Assistant?
  • What do you look for when hiring a Virtual Assistant?
  • What tasks can you delegate to a Virtual Assistant?
  • How can you find a Virtual Assistant?

Juli assists fashion-focussed entrepreneurs who crave virtual order in the backend of their business. Juli is the owner of JuliVAGlobal and specializes in Social media graphic design, WordPress and Autoresponder Maintenance.


Business Builders For Profit And Prosperity

6864 social media

Karen Brunger

Presentations For Profit

Karen presents a 20-step process to design your presentation from beginning to end that ensures you have your audience clamouring for strategy sessions.

6864 social media

Karen Brunger

How To Make Money As An Image Consultant

Karen share some ideas on ways to make money as an image consultant.


Irina Benedict

How To Thrive In Business

In this session Irina teaches:

  • How to grow your business
  • How to attract clients
  • How to make money doing what you love.

Irina’s Entrepreneur Enlightenment philosophy combines practical business strategies with spirituality and love, teaching how to transcend your ego and fears and thrive as a result.

Your Purpose Driven Business: A Path to Enlightenment and Abundance at


Irina Benedict BSc, PEng is a Certified Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention Coach and Business Mastery graduate. Her business experience spans over two decades – from Nuclear Engineering corporate experience, where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7M – to business coaching for start ups and medium size companies.

She supports entrepreneurs to establish, energize and expand their business. She founded the Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy where through coaching, curriculum and community, members are supported in all aspects of their entrepreneurial journey.

While highly strategic and focused on achieving business goals, Irina also goes deep with clients to heal emotional wounds that keep them stuck.

Working with Irina you can expect to gain clarity, confidence, and ease in growing your business. You will align your business with your purpose, become assertive so you can make money, and develop deep connections with people you are working with, suppliers and clients. As a result, you feel fulfilled and at peace knowing that you are doing good in the world, and at the same time taking care of you.


Catherine Baxter

Manage Your Money To Make More

Catherine chooses how to:

  • Track your numbers to increase your efficiency and effectiveness
  • Choose and incorporate an online bookkeeping service
  • Integrate bookkeeping services

Catherine Baxter, MBA, BAS, CAFM has worked as Chief Financial Officer for Elsipogtog First Nation, and is now Financial Officer for Elsipogtog First Nation – Education Authority. Her clients have ranged from small businesses to international companies such as Xerox Canada. Her span of experience, dedication to research and commitment to lifelong learning and education have culminated in her being a woman of strength and knowledge. Catherine is also living her dream as a Mastery Image Consultant for Chic Image Consulting in Atlantic Canada.


Business Builders For Transformation

6864 social media

Karen Brunger

How To Do A Virtual Colour Analysis

Karen shares steps to do a virtual colour analysis.

The kit can be purchase at http://imageconsultantproducts.com/virtual-colour-kit/.


Elissa Radocchia

Body Love: How To Help Your Clients Get The Body They Want

Ellie shares actionable tools to help you assist your clients achieve harmony with their bodies. You will gain insight on how to help your clients feel confident in their own skin, change their perspective, and make your life (as their image consultant) a lot easier! In this talk you will find that in order to change your body, you must first change your mind.

Ellie Radocchia, CNP, RMT, NKT is a Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Massage Therapist, and Neurokinetic Therapist.

Hi I’m Ellie!

I am the owner & founder of Ellie Nutrition & Performance. I love to help my clients reach their potential! My passion in life is helping you become crystal clear on how you want to look and feel and providing you the map and guidance to get there. You deserve a plan tailored to your wants and needs, along with the right support and accountability that comes with having the right coach. I’m ready to help you overcome your challenges!



Alyce Parsons

Universal Style – An Introduction

Get to Know the Universal Style System – a tool to add value to personal image. Join us with our special guest expert, Alyce Parsons.

Universal Style is a system that is used globally to bring inner essence into outer expression. Creator Alyce Parsons shares information about the 3 Core Styles and 4 Accent Styles.

Alyce Parsons, is president of Universal Style International, founding member and past co-director of the Association of Image Consultants International, and two-term president of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

The recipient of numerous industry awards including the Award of Excellence for Innovation and the IMMIE Award of Excellence, she is a global image-profession leader.

The author of seven image books, her most recent is StyleSource: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles for Women and Men.

A Master Enneagram Instructor, she has also trained image consultants on seven continents, and consults with leading business and professional organizations.



Wendy Buchanan

Virtual Eyewear Styling

Would you like to step out and engage your clients offering a new experience and new expertise?

Wendy Buchanan, Eyewear Image Expert, Licensed Optician, and creator of the Be Spectacular™ Eyewear Styling system, shares:

  • How she took her expertise to Zoom and sparked excitement with her existing eyewear fashionistas.
  • Hot to use the tools in the Be Spectacular™ Eyewear Styling system to curate a personalized experience for your clients.
  • How to build deeper relationships with your fan base.



Michelle Horne

Image Consulting For The Transgender Market

Michelle Horne AICI CIP is an award-winning Image and Executive presence coach and a certified professional member of AICI. Michelle has been working with the transgender community for 20 years, and has been a featured speaker on the topic of transgender and image. She wrote the chapter “Gender Expression and Image” for the book Gender Affirmation Medical and Surgical Perspectives.

“On a personal note, a few things that I love: my family, a great cup of coffee, shopping in Italy and a great book!”


Business Builders For Personal Development

Valerie Baker, Publicity photographs; 6/26/2015

Dr. Valerie Baker

The 7 Master Skills To Business Success Without Sabotage

Valerie shares 7 inner game skills, each corresponding to a chakra. You will get tools to tune-up each area! Listen to the recording to also download her free offering.

Dr. Valerie Baker is a psychologist and yoga teacher, and the creator of Heart Talk Yoga — a method of healing and transformation that blends the tools of yoga, psychology, and a sprinkle of spirituality. Valerie views life’s challenges as invitations to stop settling for anything less than living your true destiny, fully bringing your unique gifts into the world. She teaches people to use challenges as opportunities to reclaim their true gifts and create success without sacrifice.

You can find out more about Valerie and her programs at www.drvaleriebaker.com.


Ron Tabachnick

How To Drain The Swamp Of Being In Overload

Ron Tabachnick is The Grand Master of Strategy a.k.a. The Swamp Doc

As one of his clients has stated, “Ron has an uncanny innate ability to enable you to understand the current state of your personal and business relationships, to have a view of where you want and need to go, and to create a plan for achieving success. His program is professional, comprehensive and effective. His capabilities at highlighting the understanding of issues, and the creation of a plan of right action are extremely valuable to business personal and interpersonal relationships”.

He is the author of A Breakthrough in Strategic Planning. Positive, energetic, and insightful, Ron has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, The Globe and Mail Report on Business, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, Toronto Business, Business Edge and Small Business Magazine. He has appeared on Rogers Cable #10, Linda Leatherdale’s Money Show, and has been a regular guest discussing planning productivity on Cable Pulse 24. For the past 20 years Ron has facilitated his personal planning sessions face to face. With the advancement in technology, you can now get the benefit of Ron’s support over the internet.

For more information on Ron and his programs, please visit www.rtplanningstrategies.com.


Wendy Vineyard

How To Shift To Instant Calm

Find out how to relieve stress symptoms by using simple self-help techniques that calm the body-mind within minutes.

Wendy Vineyard is a stress expert, transformational coach, health writer, author and workshop leader. She is a certified master coach and practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping), Neurolinguistic Programming, Conscious Health Clearing, Advanced Clearing Energetics, and others. Wendy wrote a best-selling wellness book, “Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally! She’s the author of “The Ultimate Guide” series of natural healing mini-books on stress, insomnia, relationships, menopause, memory problems and essential oils for women’s health and wellness.


Wendy Morrison


Wendy Morrison of Shen Space is a Registered Acupuncturist and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. As the creator of The Healing Spiral, Wendy is dedicated to educating others in the energy healing arts. With degrees in science and engineering, her mission is to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive set of courses and workshops on energy healing, aligning the scientific with the spiritual.

In this 30 minute session we will learn how to heal from the perspective of meridian reiki, receive a group reiki healing, and some participants receive messages from Spirit.




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