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Level I Online Training

Work at your own pace! You have access to all the online materials for 1 year.

You will be certified in Level I, and receive the License to use four Assessment Tools.

This course has been authorized For 1.2 AICI CEUs.

997 CAD


In-Person 3-Day Training

The in-person gives you access to the entire online program for 1 year.

You will be certified in Levels I and II, and receive the License to use all nine Assessment Tools.

Your trainers are Karen Brunger and Michelle Horne.

This course has been authorized or 2.0 AICI CEUs.

1997 CAD

if you register by April 1, 2024.

The regular tuition is 2497 CAD.

What You Get

  • Certification as a Universal Style Consultant
  • Assessment tools, tally and profile
  • Universal Style Consultant Reference Portfolio
  • Personal coaching from the trainer/s
  • Post-training support for one year
  • Membership in the private Universal Style Facebook group
  • Access to the online course for one year
  • 75% discount to review the training.

What You Need to Know

  • It is important that you obtain and read the StyleSource book in advance of the training.
  • The class size for in-person training is small, and space is limited.

Increase Your Business Opportunities By Becoming One Of A Unique Group Of Individuals With This Status In Your Field

The Universal Style System is an essential, unique tool that empowers image professionals to accurately and successfully reveal clients’ Inner-and-Outer beauty and character.

Universal Style (US) is a gift that we can offer clients to reveal the best of what lies hidden — a wonderful journey of self-discovery for all of us in this invaluable program. The best part: Universal Style has no global boundaries. It has been proven to work on any individual no matter their age, culture, situation or position.

An interview on Universal Style with creator Alyce Parsons

If  you are already Certified in the Universal Style system,

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How Universal Style Relates To Our Core Values, Mission, And Identity

The Universal Style system helps us understand ourselves – what makes us excited and what is life-enhancing. It is a unique inner-guided way of bringing truth and beauty into the world. It’s a call to action to help us formulate the best that is in us – who we are and what we love to do.

Strategies To Achieve Congruency Between Inner Essence And Outer Expression

It is through the filter of our Classic foundational styles – whether Sporty, Traditional or Elegant – that we perceive the world and ignite our three Centers of Intelligence to discover our hidden gifts and talents.


The Universal Style System, created by Alyce Parsons

The Platinum Standard Of Style Systems Used And Recommended All Over The World

To be the best, you need the tools that allow you to deeply understand all facets of your clients’ psyche.

“I am grateful to be among the many image consultants whose clients have benefited from the application of the Universal Style system in our services as image consultants”.

~ Christina Ong, Academy of Image Mastery

Meet Your Trainers

3c1 4c Alyce Parsons

Alyce Parsons

Creator Of Universal Style

Alyce is president of Universal Style International, founding member and past co-director of the Association of Image Consultants International, and two-term president of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.

The recipient of numerous industry awards including the Award of Excellence for Innovation and the IMMIE Award of Excellence, she is a global image-profession leader.

The author of seven image books, her most recent is StyleSource: The Power of the Seven Universal Styles for Women and Men.

A Master Enneagram Instructor, she has also trained image consultants on seven continents, and consults with leading business and professional organizations.

Alyce Parsons

3c1 4c Karen

Karen Brunger


Karen is President of International Image Institute Inc. Both an international and Canadian Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International, she also served four years as VP Education for the international board.

Karen is a two-time recipient of the Award of Excellence and has coached top consultants in the industry using a holistic approach. With almost four decades in the image industry, her systems and products are in over 100 countries, and she has conducted training on five continents.

Karen has authored nine books, contributed to six others, written for various magazines, and is a regular guest expert in the media.

Karen Brunger

3c1 4b 4c Michelle Horne

Michelle Horne


Michelle has been an independent image consultant since 1996. Her previous career in human resources has made Michelle particularly aware of the importance of honouring a person’s unique personality (their “personal funk”) while at the same time helping them fit well in their environments.

In addition to a Business Administration Diploma in Human Resource Management, Michelle holds numerous certifications from the Image Institute.

Michelle is a Past-President of the Toronto Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International, and served two years as the international VP Chapter Relations, as well as Canadian Regional Advisor, She received the Chapter Member of the Year award for the Canada chapter.

Michelle Horne



“The Universal Style Guide books have been invaluable foundation texts for our students of the Certificate Programs in Image Consulting at both Parsons School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and the Image Resource Center of NY Image Builder Training Programs. The style principles stand the test of time, are logical, fun to learn and do so very powerfully impact the clothing lives of our professional consultants and our clients. We have used every edition of her Universal Style System Textbooks since the first edition in 1990.”

Dominique Isbecque, AICI CIP, Executive Director, Image Resource Center of NY LLC.


"The Style Source book should be a mandatory reference for all students or professionals in the image consultant industry worldwide. It not only gives you the tools to identify the essence of your clients, it is the most reliable and adaptable method to provide for the needs of your clients in identifying their individuality. This was demonstrated in their successful training for image consultants from Latin America in Mexico City in March 2018."

Víctor Vázquez Mézquita, Past President AICI Mexico City Chapter, Socio Fundador del Centro de Imagen y Percepción

Christina Ong

I have attended Alyce's Universal Style Certification training in the US, hosted her as guest speaker during AICI Singapore chapter's inaugural education conference in 2009, and I continue to use the Universal Style system as an active image consultant and educator based in Singapore.

From my experience, Alyce is a passionate and experienced image consultant and educator who has applied her brilliant mind and done a significant amount of content research in developing the Universal Style system. I am grateful to be among the many image consultants whose clients have benefitted from the application of her useful system in our services as image consultants."

Christina Ong, Founder and Master Trainer, Academy of Image Mastery

Level I Learner Outcomes

Training is available both online and in-person

  • Identify anything in the material world according to the 7 Universal Styles®
  • Define and differentiate the 3 Core Classics and the 4 Non-Classics
  • Compare and contrast the message and power of each the 7 Universal Styles®
  • Describe the color, line and design, and fabric for each of the 7 Universal Styles®
  • Identify own innate Core Classic style, and describe its significance
  • Analyze clothing and accessories according to the 3 Core Classics

Level II Learner Outcomes

Training is available in-person. The online training will be coming next year.

  • Define and differentiate in-depth the seven Universal Styles.
  • Identify the hair, makeup and grooming of the seven Universal Styles for women and men.
  • Complete the nine Universal Style assessment tools.
  • Administer a Universal Style consultation using the 9 assessment tools.


  • Attend the entire training
  • Submit the Evaluation form

Statement of Proprietary Interest

All materials for this course are owned by Alyce Parsons and cannot be copied or used without the written consent of Alyce Parsons.

Disclaimer About Certification

Please note that this course is a training approved by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification, earned through the trainer upon completion of this course, is entirely independent from AICI’s professional certification programs. (If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website at http://www.aici.org/)