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Choose any of these 7 courses, or take the complete program and save. These courses are available for Level 1 Foundations, Level 2 Qualification, or Level 3 Mastery.


Advanced Holistic

Colour analysis
Colour Analysis
  • Conduct an advanced colour analysis using the world’s most popular colour analysis system – develop your skills to analyze Undertone, Seasons, Flows, and Dimensions with confidence.
Holistic Systems for Personal Change
  • Facilitate personal change for personal power. Get tools for inner transformation – help your clients move through limitations and achieve their potential.
Image Management
  • Create transformational results with body image coaching, body and personality style analysis, personal brand strategies, and wardrobe management systems.
Etiquette & Protocol
  • Coach clients on social grace and professional polish, including power dining, host and guest duties, and the art of conversation and networking.
Image for Men
Image for Men
  • Uncover the multitude of in-depth secrets of menswear and men’s accessories, and what’s appropriate for personality, body type, and function.
Communication Management
  • Tap into the demand for communication strategies, relationship building, and increasing the likability factor.
Power Presentations
  • Enable your clients to speak with confidence, clarity, and credibility. Get more than 50 tools to present with power.

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Course Outlines

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Colour analysis

Colour Analysis

Qualification Program: 30 hours


Mastery Program: 1.2 AICI CEUs | 2 days
  • Colour Theory
  • Colour Analysis Fundamentals
  • Colour Analysis Practical
  • 5-hour training DVD or mp4
  • 2 digital colour charts
  • PowerPoint slides you can brand
  • Forms you can brand
  • Special Graduate pricing on any Colour Analysis Kit
  • Describe and identify personal colouring characteristics of individuals in each of the four seasonal palettes and six flow palettes
  • Describe and identify qualities of colours in each of the ten palettes, including undertone, value, and intensity
  • Demonstrate correct use of undertone indicators, seasonal indicators, flow indicators, extenders and flags to determine someone’s best palette
  • Describe and identify qualities to assess in determining an individual’s best palette
  • Demonstrate back-up systems for determining someone’s best palette
  • List the steps to take for a complete analysis

Image Management

Qualification Program:  50 hours


Mastery Program:  3 days
  • Introduction to Image Management
  • Body Image
  • Body Analysis
  • Elements of Design
  • Dressing the Body
  • Personality Style – Yin
  • Personality Style – Yang
  • Principles of Design
  • Wardrobing
  • Makeup and Grooming
Tools you can brand with License to Use:


  • Personal Image Portfolio – Body Analysis Chart
  • Personal Image Portfolio $400 discount
  • 9 forms
  • Personality Style Quiz
  • Wardrobing PowerPoint Presentation
  • Identify the roles, qualities, and obligations of an image consultant
  • Describe the social/psychological aspects and effects of image
  • List methods for hair removal, facial rejuvenation and body detoxification
  • Analyze fashion trends and how they relate to clients
  • Advise on techniques to improve body image
  • Assess and style clients on body type, using 7 primary and 23 secondary dimensions
  • Assess and style clients on 6 personality styles and the general styles of yin and yang
  • Assess and style clients for 6 day lifestyles and 3 evening lifestyles
  • Identify trends in the professional and social arenas, and develop appropriate dress code policy
  • Evaluate, coordinate, organize, and plan a wardrobe for maximum effectiveness and efficiency
  • Develop a wardrobe financial plan and shopping strategy for optimum value
  • Identify points of fit and quality
  • Shop a closet, on-line, in a store, or bespoke, appropriately for a client
  • Critique design elements and principles as applied to personal image
  • Critique outfits for appropriateness to body type, personality, lifestyle, and current fashions
  • Suggest makeup enhancement techniques for facial shape and features, personality, and functions.
  • Explain points of skin care, hair care, nail care, and fragrance use

Image for Men

Qualification Program:  1.7 AICI CEUs | 17 hours


Mastery Program:  1 day
  • Image for Men
  • 9 forms you can brand with License to Use
  • Identify style details of menswear, including jackets, trousers, shirts, ties, shoes, belts, and pocket squares
  • Choose best styles for height, bone structure, and somatotype
  • Describe best styles for personality styles of Dramatic, Aristocratic, Natural, Classic, Creative, and Romantic
  • List best styles for 6 levels of daywear and 3 levels of eveningwear

Holistic Systems for Personal Change

Qualification Program:  1.0 AICI CEUs | 10 hours


Mastery Program:  1 day
  • Holistic Image: Personal Change for Personal Power
  • Resource Management
Tools you can brand with License to Use:
  • Makeup Template
  • Scale of Consciousness Assessment
  • 5 forms
  • Facilitate change in yourself and others
  • Transform self-concepts, non-conscious patterns and fears
  • Handle personal ‘energy crises’ of time and stress
  • Identify wellness tips that incorporate fitness, nutrition, and body work

Etiquette & Protocol

Qualification Program:  1.5 AICI CEUs | 15 hours


Mastery Program:  1 day
  • Social & Business Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette
Tools you can brand with License to Use:


  • Test your Etiquette Edge Powerpoint slides and quiz
  • Test your Dining Etiquette Powerpoint slides
  • Office Civility Do’s and Don’ts Powerpoint slides
  • 5 forms
  • Develop a Civility Code or Code of Ethics
  • Develop a workshop on business and social etiquette for an organization
  • Write thank you cards and emails appropriately
  • Plan a 7 course meal and identify appropriate behaviours for hosts and guests
  • Demonstrate how to eat challenging foods
  • Plan an event with specific action steps from start to finish
  • Identify points of protocol for an event at which royalty is present
  • Develop a presentation on etiquette of a specific culture

Communication Management

Qualification Program:  1.0 AICI CEUs | 10 hours


Mastery Program:  0 day
  • Interpersonal Communication Management
  • Relationship Building
  • 99 body language slides
  • Identify communication styles, and strategies to develop positive relationships with each
  • Monitor and modify verbal and non-verbal communication to move toward higher power, leadership, warmth, and charisma
  • Develop communication strategies for superior customer service and to handle challenging situations

Presentation Skills

Qualification Program:  1.0 AICI CEUs | 10 hours


Mastery Program:  0 day
  • Internal Management
  • Power Presentations – Planning
  • Power Presentations – Delivery
  • 3 forms you can brand with License to Use
  • Identify at least 15 strategies to decrease fear of speaking in front of an audience, and increase confidence
  • Plan a presentation to be appropriate and compelling to a particular audience: topic, objective, learner outcomes, and core message
  • Develop a presentation for impact and clarity: outline, opening, closing, instructional strategies, and visual aids
  • Identify points of a professional and effective delivery including presentation style, how to navigate visual aids, the question period, audience challenges, and room set-up
  • Deliver a presentation that is effective and authentic


Earning AICI CEUs is not a requirement of general membership with AICI. However, if you are currently certified through AICI with CIC, CIP or CIM then you must earn CEUs to retain certification.

To receive AICI CEUs, for this program:

  • Complete all course work, and submit for feedback.
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form

If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website at www.aici.org.

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