Build Your Business to Financial Freedom

Advance your Image Business!

If you want to achieve financial success as an image consultant, personal brand strategist, stylist, life coach or transformation leader, The Advancement Program can help you get there!

Making money is always the primary goal of a business. At some point we will likely struggle with how to make that happen. I created the Advancement Program to help us have more financial freedom, time freedom, fun, and ease. Because that’s what I want!

The Business Building Blueprint, tracks your progress through 5 stages to business success and financial freedom.

  1. Expectant
  2. Exertant
  3. Experienced
  4. Established
  5. Expert
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The Advancement Program is designed to  help you move through the stages to help you achieve your goals.

Download the  blueprint check list and monitor your business building progress. The second page is a quick ranking tool to check your current business stage.

10 markers help you identify your current stage, and 40 milestones lead you through the steps in order to move to the next level.

Business Building Blueprint 

This video leads you through the Business Building Blueprint with a brief explanation of each of the 10 markers and 40 milestones.

What is the Advancement Program?

Keep the momentum going to advance your business.

In the Advancement Program we dive deep into each ‘milestone’ to help  you achieve your goals as an image consultant or personal brand specialist.

Get your questions answered in our coaching calls with our Business Building experts. The Membership package includes all previously recorded sessions!

You will get scripts, templates, swipe copy, and detailed action plans to help you move up to the next business stage.

The Advancement Program is for members only, and is set up to help you achieve financial success as an Image Consultant.

If you want to take it deeper, or obtain AICI CEUs,  you can upgrade to the Business Edge membership program.

Is the Advancement Program Membership Right For You?

Here are some questions to help. Are you…

1.  Struggling to generate your ideal income?

2.  Overwhelmed by all the marketing technologies available, and wondering how to best take advantage?

3.  Challenged with how to generate leads, enroll new clients, and keep clients coming back?

4.  Confused about how to create your automated marketing sequence?

5.  Unsure what you need to do to have a sustainable business with passive income?

If you answered yes to even one question, and you are an image consultant, personal brand strategist, life coach, or transformation leader, you are invited to join our community.

And there’s more!

Also coming this year – the iC Money book, which will lead you step-by-step through the processes of having a financially sustainable business.

The Advancement Program covers:

How to Get Clients
Marketing Strategies
Business Development
Profit and Prosperity
Image Business
Being in Business

We are constantly adding more sessions!

When you attend the calls live, you can ask questions and get the help you personally need

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