5 Training Levels

Whatever your requirements, we have the image consultant training program to help you achieve your career goals.

Start with any level!  Some of the levels include other levels as bonuses.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

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Foundations in Transformation

Webinars and Workbooks


If you want the basics, the Foundations in Transformation program provides you with all of the webinars and workbooks to get you started. This program is perfect if you are a life coach or wellness consultant and would like to expand your tool box. You get life-time access to the Inner Circle Training Room for updates on workbooks and webinars.

All materials are located in the Inner Circle Training Room. If you choose the monthly payment plan, each month you will receive a “key” to open another room.

You can choose any of the courses individually, or save by taking all 7 courses.

You can start with the Foundations program, and then upgrade to Image Qualification at any time.

Image Qualification

Online Anytime Training


Kick-start your business and get the tools and systems you need to be successful with clients. This comprehensive online personal study and mentoring program includes:

  • Webinars
  • Workbooks
  • Bonus materials, including templates and scripts
  • Mentoring and feedback on an as-needed basis
  • Letter of Completion
  • Post-graduate support for 1 year
  • Image Consultant Advancement program for 1 year, if you invest in the complete Qualification program
  • 50% discount for first year membership in AICI

All materials are located in the Inner Circle Training Room at www.KarensInnerCircle.com. If you choose the monthly payment plan, each month you will receive a “key” to open another room.

You can choose any of the courses individually, or save by taking all 7 courses. The Image Qualification Program in its entirety is approximately 130 hours. We suggest that you complete at least 3 hours per week, but there is no obligation. You are able to work at your own pace and take as long as you need. You will get monthly follow-up emails from me to help keep you on track, see if you have any questions, and deliver relevant updates.

The Image Qualification Program is included as a bonus with the Image Mastery Program, and is a pre-requisite. You can start with the Image Qualification, and then upgrade to Image Mastery at any time. Please note that the Qualification program also includes Level 1 Foundations.

Image Mastery

In-Person, Experiential Training


Take your image skills to the mastery level with personal attention from Karen in this 8-day intensive, transformational in-person training held once a year in Toronto, Canada. As bonuses, you get:

  • The Image Qualification Program (which also includes the Foundations Program)
  • Two-year membership in the Image Advancement Program with the complete program, or one-year with the Essentials program
  • The Business Edge program for one year
  • Lifetime access to the Inner Circle Training Room for updates
  • FREE AICI membership for your first year
  • The option to repeat the training for free within one year, and at 10% of the fee thereafter

A pre-requisite is the Image Qualification program or the equivalent. You want to make sure you have the foundations covered, and some experience – this allows us to have a more indepth, hands-on, and transformational experience in class.

You can choose individual courses, or save and take the entire program of 7 courses. Throughout the year we also hold special courses in other countries.

All materials are located in the Inner Circle Training Room at www.KarensInnerCircle.com.

Upon completion, at any time you have the option of renewing the Advancement and Business Edge programs.

Advancement for Transformation Leaders

Live & Recorded Coaching Calls


Keep the momentum going to advance your business. Get your questions answered in our monthly coaching calls with Karen and other relevant guest experts. This program benefits beginner to advanced consultants in the transformation industry.

The Advancement Program is included as a free bonus for 1 year with the Business Edge,  complete Qualification, or Mastery Essentials programs, and for 2 years with the complete Mastery Program. If you are not currently a student, you can join the Advancement Program for a yearly membership, or for single calls.

You can submit your questions to Karen in advance. The calls are recorded so that you can listen to them at your convenience. You also have the option of being coached live on the call. If you are a member, you may on occasion receive special bonuses. You can access the recordings in the Inner Circle Training Room at www.KarensInnerCircle.com.

The program primarily deals with business, but periodically other topics may be covered, based on member questions.

Click here to download your first Advancement call for FREE.

Business Edge

Evaluation and Recommendations


Develop and grow your business as a transformation leader. You will get strategies and systems, and clear action steps to move your business forward. The Business Edge program outlines all the elements you need to have in place for a profitable business.  You will review and evaluate your business for each element, and set priorities. As you go through the process of business development, Karen is available for feedback and consultation.

Business Edge is a one-year program that also gives you access to the Advancement Program. As your business grows, you can enroll in this program as often as you require.  Business Edge has been authorized for 2.0 AICI CEUs. You can access all the of the materials in the Inner Circle Training Room at www.KarensInnerCircle.com.

You may develop:

  • A description of your ideal client
  • Your brand message
  • Your identity package
  • Your services and products menu
  • Funnels to accelerate your business growth
  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • Promotional materials
  • Website and landing pages
  • Strategies to generate leads and grow your prospect list
  • Strategies to convert prospects to clients
  • Strategies to service clients with high value
  • A business plan for growth and profits
  • Operating Procedures

The Business Edge program includes:

  • workbook
  • check list
  • assessment
  • action steps
  • resources
  • consultations with Karen


For 2.0 AICI CEUs, the Learner Outcomes are:

  • Identify 3 action steps to assess your business for future growth
  • Develop 9 sections for an Operations Manual to organize your business
  • Develop a marketing strategy with product, price, place, and promotion
  • Develop 9 actions for developing prospects, and enrolling prospects as clients.
  • Develop a system or model for your business that will ensure business growth.

Earning AICI CEUs is not a requirement of general membership with AICI. However, if you are currently certified through AICI with CIC, CIP or CIM then you must earn CEUs to retain certification.

To receive AICI CEUs, for this program:

  • Complete all course work, and submit for feedback.
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form
  • If you wish to pursue AICI Certification, please refer to AICI’s website at www.aici.org.

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