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“To be of service to others is the highest path to self-Realization.”

The International Image Institute provides training, tools and resources to transformation leaders – image consultants, stylists, and coaches – who want to be successful with clients and in business. Whether you’re just getting started or have years of success, our programs will help you take your business to a higher level of ease, effectiveness, and profits.

Our 5 Step System to Image Mastery provides a thorough and solid foundation, inspiration and transformation in all aspects of image – appearance, behaviour and communications, as well as in business.

Our Holistic image training make us unique in the industry!

Karen is a world-leader in image consultant training and is known for her supportive, sharing and inspirational approach. Add new avenues of revenue to your transformational business and develop your skills in Holistic Image Consulting.

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We Offer the Most Extensive and Intensive
Training in AICI Core Competencies

  • Develop skills to last a lifetime as a transformation leader
  • Get proven strategies and systems to implement immediately
  • Add massive value to your clients with complete, integrated programs
  • Differentiate yourself with holistic and advanced systems
  • Expand your scope and success beyond your expectations and magnify who you are as a person and a consultant
  • Get mentorship for life (with the Mastery program)
  • Gain credentials from a world-class trainer and an internationally recognized company
  • Get the best preparation for AICI certifications, and maintain your AICI CEUs
  • Repeat the training within two years for free, and for 10% of the fee thereafter

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What You Get

  • Program, presentation, and consultation materials and templates
  • Personal and professional development systems and tools to transform lives and make money in a career you love
  • All assessment forms in original format for branding and printing
  • Professional development, business development, and marketing tools and templates
  • Personal coaching in-class; mentoring and feedback on assignments
  • Monthly coaching calls – get your questions answered!
  • Life-time mentorship with Karen (with the Mastery program)
  • Continuing Education Units through the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI CEUs)
  • Status as an III Registered Consultant, with discounts on select products
  • Referrals when available
  • Membership in Karen’s Inner Circle

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Intern With Us


We have internship and co-op placement opportunities available in our product room.  It’s a great way to train your eye, and receive compensation in training or product.

For Trainers

We are honoured to be of service to image consultant trainers.

Our programs and products are available to you at special prices, and we have various levels of partnerships: Affiliate, Authorized Provider, Authorized Trainer, and Joint Venture Partner.

Please check out the options below!

Be an Affiliate
Be an Affiliate

Earn Commission

You can earn commission, If you know anyone that could use our services or products. Apply to be an Affiliate in our webstore at

With an affiliate link on your website, you will get 10% commission on all product orders. If you order directly from us for your students, then you will get Trainer prices, and the commission is higher.


Click here to join our Affiliate Program

Be a Training Director
Be a Training Director

Generate a Profit

Organize a training in your city, and you earn all profits after expenses, and commission on all products sold during the training.


Click here to email Karen for the Partnership Program directory

Be a Training Partner
Be a Training Partner


We are open to partnering with trainers who share our core values. We have a 3-step process to become an Authorized Trainer with a License to our systems and tools. As an Authorized Trainer, you have access to all of this:

  • Image Mastery training catalogue with partnership branding
  • Electronic certificate with partnership branding
  • ‘Authorized Trainer’ badge
  • Other branded materials as required
  • Trainer pricing on all products
  • Training tools such as powerpoints
  • Qualification on-line program for your students


Click here to email Karen for the Partnership Program directory

What our Graduates Say

We are happy to have graduates from around the world.

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