Answers to FAQ about a Career in Image Consulting

Here are questions that we’re often asked. If you have other questions, please let us know!

1. What career opportunities are available to me?


You have options!

  • As an Image, Communication, and Brand specialist in your own business, you can work with individual clients or with organizations.
  • As a Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Fashion Designer, Optician, Modelling Coach, Communications Coach, Career Counsellor, Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist, or Wellness Coach, you can expand your marketable skills, adding value to your clients and another revenue stream to your business.
  • As an Empowerment or Life Coach, you can help your clients with appearance, behaviour and communication, expanding your effectiveness and impact.
  • As a Trainer, Speaker, Author, or Blogger, you can incorporate image into your programs and writing.
  • As a Stylist, you can work with private clients, in fashion, or in entertainment.
  • As a Personal Shopper or Image Consultant you can work in fashion or beauty retail – in boutiques, department stores, or malls, or as independent product distributers.
  • As a Media Specialist, you can incorporate image into your television shows or articles.
  • As an Entrepreneur, you can conduct online programs in appearance, behaviour, and communication development.

2.  Who would hire an Image Consultant?

  • People looking for something new – a job, a relationship.
  • People who have experienced a change.
  • People who want an edge – to be more, do more, and have more.
  • People looking for more – money, respect, ease, etc.
  • Organizations who want to improve their profile, productivity and profits through appearance, behaviour, or communication.
  • Associations and groups looking for a speaker.
  • Film production companies to ensure that scenes involving etiquette and protocol are correctly staged.
  • Entertainment agencies who need image help for their talent.
  • Product manufacturers of an image-related product who require a spokesperson.

3.  What is the income potential for an image consultant?


If you are an entrepreneur, then your income will depend on

  • you as a person
  • your marketing strategies
  • your level of commitment
  • the environment or context

The fee you charge is based on the value to your client, rather than on your time.

You may have an introductory special when you start. As you advance your experience and credentials, your fees can increase.

Some Image Consultants have received $10,000 USD (or the equivalent) working with a private client for one day, and some have achieved millionaire status. Others are struggling to find the next client. It’s important to learn from those who have achieved success, and implement strategies to get the results you want.

Your trainer will mentor you, and you can also benefit from using a coach.

4. What are some tips to break into the industry?

  • Have a coach or mentor who has achieved a level you aspire to.
  • Form or join a MasterMind group – the synergy can deliver great ideas.
  • Develop a clear vision of what you authentically want for yourself; put it in words and pictures.
  • Develop SMART goals for one year from now, and the action plans to achieve them, and take action each day. Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Rewarding – Timed.
  • Commit to doing whatever it takes.
  • Build relationships with people that can help by offering to help them first.
  • Offer your service (free) to someone with a large sphere of influence in order to get a testimonial and referrals.
  • Be clear and specific about your niche market, and their #1 problem that you solve.
  • Track and evaluate your progress and make improvements as necessary.
  • Have a sense of fun and freedom.

5.  What is AICI?

Association of Image Consultants International

The Association of Image Consultants International is the leading and largest professional association of image consultants in the world. It sets the standards for the image industry.

AICI provides resources, promotion, support, access to professional development, certification, networking, visibility, motivation, inspiration, standards, and credibility. You can check it out at

You can become a member as long as you are working as an image consultant. To become a skilled member, you must have a minimum of 20 hours training in any of AICI’s core competencies. You will be listed in the online Directory, giving prospective clients a way to find you.

AICI has chapters around the world, and you can choose the one you wish to join. Each chapter has its own educational and networking events. The international conference takes place bi-annually, and it is a great place to experience the benefits of membership.

Your fellow AICI members and colleagues can be a great support group. The best way to build relationships and make a difference in the industry is to get involved on a committee or board.

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