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Advancement Calls help you advance your business with live coaching calls and webinars targeted at specific business strategies and professional development systems, with special guest experts.

The Advancement Program is included as a bonus in Business Edge, Mastery Essentials and complete Qualification for 1 year, and in the complete Mastery for 2 years.

You can purchase an annual or monthly membership subscription, or specific recordings.

Develop and grow your business as a transformation leader. This program outlines all the elements you need to have in place for a profitable business.

Karen is available for feedback and consultation while you evaluate your business for where you are now and where you want to be, develop strategies and action steps to achieve the next level, and implement your priorities.

This is a one-year program that also gives you access to the Advancement Program. As your business evolves, you can enroll in this program as often as you require.

The Quantum Mastermind is for a small group of high level and committed Image and Transformation Leaders and Trainers who want to reach the pinnacle in their lives and in their businesses.

You get annual 2-day Masterminds with Karen, confidential business reviews, private coaching calls, high-level mastermind coaching calls with guest experts, Licenses for programs, and more.

Our objective is for you to achieve break-through financial, business, professional and personal success.

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