For Image Consultants

Affirm Your Vision: Business Lesson #2

November 18, 2021

Affirm Lesson 1 was Visualization, in which you create your ideal business in your thoughts.  Lesson 2 is Affirm, in which you describe your ideal business in words.  The written word has more power than the spoken word.  Make your vision as detailed as possible!  Put the target date at the top of the page – I usually choose a date that’s two years…

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Visualize: Business Lesson #1

November 12, 2021

Create a clear mental picture of your ideal business.

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A Profit Opportunity for Image Consultants

January 30, 2014

Executive Presence System Licensee Program by Diane Craig Diane Craig recently announced a new global expansion program for Image Consultants seeking certification as Executive Presence Licensees. As founder and president of Toronto-based Corporate Class Inc.,Diane’s time-tested program provides qualified Image Consultants with a powerful opportunity to break into the lucrative corporate world. See profits within…

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How to Master Blog Writing

December 7, 2013

Have you ever been stumped in your blog writing?  A successful blog will drive people to your website, and establish your credibility for both your readers and Google. Here are the top three solutions to mastering blog writing. 1.  Identify the content you want to discuss, and research key word phrases.  A software such as…

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Holiday Cheer for Clients

November 29, 2012

This is the time of year when we show appreciation for each other, and celebrate our relationships with holiday cheer.  By doing so, they become even stronger.  Positive relationships lead to referrals and repeats! Consider how you might acknowledge your current clients and alliances:   1.      Offer a Gift Certificate for a specific service.  This…

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The Gift Certificate as a Source of Revenue

November 26, 2012

While people are busy with holiday preparations, your clients being able to purchase a Gift Certificate from you can help keep up your revenue.   Here are three steps to develop a professional Gift Certificate.   1.     Design. Include your: Logo Website Contact information Location of service To:  / From: Service being gifted   2.    …

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