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Lunch & Learn Menu

Here is a list of some of the Lunch and Learns we have done in the past.  If you have a different idea, please let us know!

Find Your Wow Colours

Colour analysis

Have a mini-personal colour analysis, and identify the palette that will always let you appear your best.

Dress For Who You Can Be


Dress with confidence knowing you are appropriate and effective – for your goals, your position, and yourself.

Navigating the Business Lunch

table setting in a pricey restaurant

When your business lunch can be a deal-maker or deal-breaker, you need to demonstrate your skills at power dining.

Fake it ’till You Make it or 3 Steps For Change

Signpost saying This Way That Way, Which way to turn good concept image for direction.

A simple 3-step formula can assist in creating extraordinary relationships, confidence, and outcomes.

How to be Nice and What to do When Others Are Not


Practicing civility, demonstrating good manners, and following the rules of etiquette can help pave your way for relationships and advancement.

The Art of Conversation and Networking

A business team shaking hands to seal a deal

If you need to schmooze so you don’t lose, these tips can help you flow through the experience with ease and effectiveness.

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