Media-trained and an experienced spokesperson, Karen Brunger has done hundreds of media interviews. She has also been a contributing writer to Active Magazine, Women With Vision, and Bodi-Eko (Slovenia).

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1 416 809 4321

Karen's Interviews

Here is a selection of some of Karen’s media appearances.

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99.9 Radio – The Appropriateness Of Hugs

1010 Radio – The Image of Trudeau

Breakfast Television – Coffee Breath

Breakfast Television – Office Etiquette

Calgary Herald – Politicians Name That Tune

Canadian Business – How To Live Out Of A Suitcase

Canadian Press – Trudeau Image

Canadian Living Television – Tipping Tutorial

CBC Metro Morning – The Image Of Jack Layton

CBC Newsworld – Image of Federal Leaders

Chatelaine – Social Networking

Chatelaine.Com – Holiday Party Do’s And Don’ts

CTV E-Talk – The Body Language Of Our Federal Leaders

CTV News – How to Shine at Your Office Party

CTV News – Image of RCMP

CTV News – Image of politicians

CTV News – Political Scandals

CTV  News – Re-Gifting

CTV Powerplay – Humanizing Politicians

East Of The City Magazine – Rules Of Social Engagement

Edmonton Journal – Beauty Industries Urged To Improve Female Images

Flare Magazine – Holiday Etiquette

Flare Magazine – How To Dress Business Casual

Flare Magazine – Missed Manners

Global Television – Holiday Etiquette

Global Television – Image of Ontario politicians

Global Television – Rude Behaviour of Celebrities

Global Television – The Charisma of Bill Clinton

Globe and Mail – Consultant Overload

Globe and Mail – Image of RCMP Commissioner

Globe and Mail – Kids as Work Accessories

Globe and Mail – Your Office Neighbours from Hell

Glow Magazine – The Power of Body Language

Liberal – Image of Confidence Needed for Job Interview

Montreal Gazette – ‘Get Real’, Image Group Says

Montreal Gazette – ‘Not Defective’

National Post – Accessorize for Success

National Post – Are You too Sexy for that Job?

National Post – Can You Guess Their Jobs By The Cars People Drive?

National Post – Cars are Clunkers or Deal Cinchers

National Post – Constructive Criticism

National Post – I’m sorry, so sorry.  The Art of the Corporate Apology

National Post – Image of Lawyers

National Post – Life on Easy Street

National Post – Professional Behaviour

National Post – She’ll Shop. And You Can Flop

National Post – Smelling to High Heaven can Create a Workplace Hell

National Post – The Pocketbook Guide to Proms

National Post – Wake Up and Smell Your Breath

Ottawa Citizen – Prom Gowns Graduate with Sophistication

Oxygen Magazine – Look Good No Matter What Your Shape

Oxygen Magazine – You Inc – Are you a Package that is Polished and Put Together?

Robtv – Business & Business Casual

Salt Lake Tribute – Hourglass Shape may not be Ideal

Toronto Business Magazine – Presentation Holds the Key to Success

Toronto Life Magazine – How To Be A Better You!

Toronto One Television – Summer Business Dress

Toronto Star – Etiquette Rex

Toronto Star – Getting Professional Help

Toronto Star – Softening Up Tough Guy

Toronto Star – Start Year with a Lean, Clean Closet – Here’s How The Experts Do It

Toronto Star – Your Car Says Who You Are

Toronto Sun – Avoid Holiday Gaffes

Toronto Sun – Business Etiquette 101

Toronto Sun – Celebrities’ Images and Personalities

Toronto Sun – Dark Times Ahead

Toronto Sun – Meet 3 World Class Stooges

Toronto Sun – Office Air Pollution

Toronto Sun – Think Before You Hit Send

Toronto Sun – Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

Vancouver Sun – Fashion File

What Magazine – Starhazing

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