Karen's Story

I am passionate about people stepping into their full personal power, and being, doing, and having all they desire.

As I grew up, I was shy and had low self-esteem; I believed I was ugly and had no value. I loved the story of the ugly duckling who turned into a beautiful swan. My dream was to take all the other people who wanted to be more, and we could all transform together.

I am excited about the possibilities of what we each have to offer, and that our potential is beyond what we can imagine.  To me, transformation is about liberating ourselves from our own blocks so that we can create a life of love, joy, peace and abundance.

When your outer expression aligns with your inner essence, your authenticity and power are amplified.

Professional Biography

Karen Brunger, AICI CIP, is Founder and President of the International Image Institute. An award-winning Certified Image Professional, she is an author, international speaker, and media guest expert.

Karen is an international Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and a Past-President of the Canada chapter.  Karen’s systems and products are in over 80 countries, and she has presented in 14 countries on five continents.

Karen has inspired and facilitated thousands in the transformation process using a holistic approach. Many of Canada’s Fortune 500 number among her corporate clients, and her private clients have included entrepreneurs, executives, entertainers, and politicians.

As an image trainer for 33 years, she has coached some of the top consultants in the industry. The Image Consulting Program at George Brown College in Toronto was developed by Karen, and she has taught for numerous colleges.

As AICI’s international VP Education for four years, she was responsible for the standards of image training worldwide. In this role she organized Image Consultant Core Competencies into “Appearance, Behaviour, Communication”, and coined the phrase “A-B-C’s of Image”.  AICI also awarded her the international Award of Excellence.

Karen is a graduate of the University of Manitoba, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and the Seasons’ Academy of Colour Analysis. Committed to her own personal and professional growth, she continues to take workshops every year.

Karen is known for her holistic, transformational, inspirational approach, her dynamic, entertaining, fun presentation style, and her open, sharing, encouraging nature.


The truth of who you are lies in your potential, not your limitations.

  • Founder and President of the International Image Institute.
  • International Past-President of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)
  • Past-President of the AICI Canada chapter
  • Two-time recipient of the Award of Excellence
  • AICI’s international VP Education for four years
  • Systems and products in over 80 countries
  • Has presented in 14 countries on five continents.
  • Author of numerous books
  • Regular guest expert in the media
  • A pioneer in the image industry with over 33 years

Karen started in the image industry in 1984

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Karen's Publications

Karen has authored numerous books and articles; please check the Publications tab for a listing!

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