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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

What does your reflection reveal about you?

You are invited to step into the reflection of your own looking glass. Explore the dimensions of your image – what’s real, what’s possible, and what’s been stopping you from taking yourself to the next level. It’s time for your image to be a true reflection of all that you are – your power, charisma and potential!

Standing Ovation: Bring Your Audience to Their Feet Every Time

Have you felt uncomfortable being the centre of attention, or avoided opportunities to speak or present? Superior client service and communication skills involve more than knowing what to say and what actions to take. Whether your audience is 1 or 1,000, in this keynote you will acquire the tools to engage, captivate, and motivate. Discover what it takes for a positive, confident and powerful impact!

Minding Manners; Mastering Civility

Good manners go beyond knowing what fork to use. How we conduct ourselves with others and in the world is a measure of our self-esteem, emotional awareness, and social consciousness. Discover how to neutralize negativity, control confrontations, and generate graciousness. In this keynote, discover how to master ethics, civility and manners to achieve higher levels of awareness, success and satisfaction.

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