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Enhance Your Appearance, Behaviour and Communication

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Image will propel you forward or hold you back. We enable individuals to be excellent on both the outside and the inside. Our objective is for you to elevate your level of love, joy, peace, and abundance.


You want to make the most of yourself and get the most out of your life.

You want to expand your presence, power, or prosperity and achieve your personal and professional goals

You desire more ease, efficiency and effectiveness in your appearance, behaviour, or communication

Karen empowers people to move beyond limitations to recognise potential, embrace possibilities and intensify personal power.

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Karen is warm, authentic and powerful. She empowers me to be me.

~ Lois Ferguson, President, Malibu Consulting International

How to Get a Session

I am passionate about people stepping into their full personal power, and being, doing, and having all they desire. I am excited about the possibilities when we liberate ourselves from our blocks so that we can move into our potential.

The work I do with individuals includes:

Virtual sessions

Colour analysis in-person once a year during our colour analysis training

Group workshops

If you wish to have in-person private sessions, please ask me for a referral, or check out our Graduate Directory.

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Karen’s sessions are motivational, inspirational, enlightening and empowering. She changes people’s lives.

~ A.N., College Instructor


Download 'Image for Income'

Scope of Services

Virtual sessions or referrals can cover:

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  • Personal Image
  • Colour Analysis
  • Signature Style
  • Styling
  • Personality Style
  • Wardrobe
  • Personal Shopping
  • Makeup & Grooming
  • Hair
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  • Personal Presence and Power
  • Dining Skills
  • Social Grace
  • Business Etiquette
  • Source Alignment Energy Shifting for Personal Change
  • Wellness
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  • Conversation and Networking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Relationship Building
  • Leadership
  • Body Language
  • Paralanguage
  • Social Media and Online Presence
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I've always enjoyed Karen's workshops as she puts her whole soul and energy into it to make it personal and effective. She has an amazing way to help you 'let go' of your disbelief and blockages to get the results you want. Karen is supernaturally human if there is such a term - she has a way of taking you to the next realm and yet stay very human and realistic. I highly recommend her workshops - you have to experience her to know what I mean!

~ Li Kin Pang

Specific Sessions


Check out the colour analysis special, which happens once a year in Toronto. Colour is one of my great passions. After almost 4 decades of analyzing thousands of people, and creating colour tools for colour consultants, I know what I’m doing!

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We have a set menu of virtual sessions, and I’m happy to customize a virtual session for your requirements! Please call me to discuss. WhatsApp +1 416-809-4321.

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For me, the “inner” is most important – that you are being who you are meant to be. To help move through limitations to a higher state, I do energy work called Source Alignment Energy Shifting. Sessions are by referral only.

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If you would like to organize a workshop, I’m happy to discuss it with you. Please feel free to contact me!  WhatsApp +1 416-809-4321

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Professional, world-class, and exceptional in all aspects of Image Consulting, communications, and training, Karen Brunger is one of the most extraordinary individuals I have met.  As an international trainer and professional speaker, Karen is flawless – educating audiences on how to achieve higher levels of success while at the same time inspiring them to reach more deeply to access their inner power. Karen’s greatest asset though, is not intentional on her part. I have noticed that when people are simply around her, they become elevated. This is the gift that Karen is.

~ Joshua Zuchter, Empowerment Specialist and Business Coach


Download 'Image for Income'

How you Can Benefit

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  • Identify points of self-sabotage and ways to avoid them.
  • Get personal brand strategies for colour, style, wardrobe and grooming that can be used for a lifetime.
  • Incorporate the 7 principles to optimize your professional image to be appropriate, credible and effective – for your goals, your position, and yourself.
  • Dress appropriately for any professional situation from formal business to casual.
  • Achieve a pulled–together look that will save you time, energy, and potentially thousands of dollars using a Wardrobe Planning 1-2-3 system.
  • Shop strategically – when, where, and how – for an effective, efficient, and empowering wardrobe.
  • Identify what to look for in fit and quality to achieve the highest impact.
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  • Function effectively, act with decorum, and use appropriate manners at social and business functions.
  • Treat others with courtesy and respect, with cultural and gender awareness.
  • Competently network, and converse confidently and appropriately in social-business interactions.
  • Enhance career success with appropriate behaviour and etiquette in meetings, the office environment, and electronic communication.
  • Competently navigate a business lunch with appropriate host and guest behaviour.
  • Manage personal attitudes and business commitments with a foundation of ethics, integrity, and civility.
  • Acquire habits of top performers to achieve higher levels of insight, self-esteem, balance, and personal power.
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  • Use words, tonality, mannerisms, and internal techniques with intention for effective, positive positioning.
  • Somersault challenging situations and conflicts into peaceful solutions, and maintain composure and control regardless of the disruption.
  • Magnify your likability factor; build rapport and develop positive relationships with warmth, empathy, respect, and courtesy.
  • Recognize personal communication style, and respond appropriately and confidently to each of the four key communication styles.
  • Incorporate any of 20 tools to turn anxiety into exhilaration, and appear confident in any speaking situation.
  • Develop and deliver a professional presentation that has impact and clarity with an easy step-by-step system.
  • Engage and hold an audience’s attention, and move them to take the desired action.
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Your presentation awed and educated, entertained and challenged – a rare combination.

~ A.B., Canadian Professional Sales Association