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Colour Analysis Special

Discover Your WOW Colours and get Your Personal Swatch Wallet

Colour Analysis 7162

Discover your WOW colours for clothing, accessories, jewellery, hair, and makeup during our Colour Analysis Training - at a fraction of the cost.

Our colour analysis  students  need clients to practice on, so you get the advantage of being analyzed by a group of consultants, plus Karen.

The colour analysis specials are typically conducted only twice a year in Toronto, so reserve early!

When you wear your ‘wow’ colours you look more vibrant, radiant, and magnetic.  Choosing clothes and accessories is easier, because the colours in your palette harmonize with each other and with you.  You’ll have more money, time, and energy, as you won’t have wardrobe waste.

The sessions are held in the Toronto junction area close to Keele and Davenport.

Step 1: Book Your Appointment

The next sessions are April 14th and May 26th, 2024

  • Makeup may not be worn for the analysis
  • Tinted contact lenses may need to be removed
  • Payment is required in advance to reserve your space
  • Your colour analysis and personal swatch wallet is 197 CAD plus HST.  The regular fee is 497!

Step 2: Confirm With Your Payment

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I feel much more confident now that I know my power colours, and I can’t tell you how much easier it is to shop, or turn down cast-offs from friends.

~ Liz