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Source Alignment Energy Shifting for Self-Optimization is a step-by-step system of self-healing. It is a transformational system that helps us move to a higher consciousness or vibration.

A Transformation Experience

When you combine the knowledge and understanding of The Law of Attraction with the step-by-step system of Source Alignment Energy Shifting, you get a simple, yet profound pathway to shift out of challenges and blockages and into resonating with your ultimate self.

Source Alignment Energy Shifting controls and accelerates the benefits of the Law of Attraction.

“Offer A Vibration That Matches Your Desire Rather Than Offering A Vibration That Keeps Matching What-Is.” ~ Abraham

What Is Source Alignment Energy Shifting?

Source Alignment Energy Shifting is a system that allows us to identify and tap into our unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns, and shift to life-enhancing frequencies. As a result of shifting our vibration, we resonate with our positive goals and intentions and move towards the attainment of our potential.

Source Alignment Session Options

Private Session On WhatsApp

Text Karen on WhatsApp +1 416 809 4321 to set up your appointment. Sessions typically take 45 – 60 minutes, although some may take 75.

Come to your session prepared with a list of the:

• limitations or challenges that you would like to shift away from

• possibilities or goals that you would like to shift toward

After your session you will have self-healing modalities to perform in order to anchor the shift.

Fee: 97 CAD

Group Session On Zoom

Four times a year Karen does sessions for a group on Zoom.

For the exact date, please click the "Book Now" button.

•  February – Success

•  May – Health

•  August – Prosperity

•  November – Relationships

After the session you will have self-healing modalities to perform in order to anchor the shift.

Fee:  37 CAD

2-Day Workshop To Do It For Yourself And Others

Periodically Karen conducts workshops to teach the Source Alignment Energy Shifting system.

You can contact Karen directly if you are interested.

Fee for training in Canada: 497 CAD

Repeat the training for 50% discount with promo code energygraduate.

Receive $150 credit for you and for each person you bring with promo code resonance.

What Does Source Alignment Energy Shifting Do?

Source Alignment Energy Shifting Allows Us To:

  • Elevate from challenge into ease and from ease into infinite possibilities.
  • Move through limitations and create results beyond what seems possible.
  • Enhance personal awareness, create the results we want, and achieve higher levels of productivity, success, satisfaction, and well-being.

Source Alignment Energy Shifting As A Tool…

  • Enables us to identify and transform non-conscious patterns that underlie any limitation we might be experiencing.
  • Facilitates a shift in our frequency wave patterns so that we resonate with our positive goals and intentions and move towards the attainment of our potential.
  • Works on all levels – health, career, prosperity, relationships, emotions, opportunities.

What Outcomes Have Been Achieved?

Here are some examples of results that participants have reported from energy shifting sessions and workshops:

  • Released life-long affliction to migraines
  • Released toxic relationships with more ease and peace
  • Got the job after challenges
  • Met their life partner
  • Became pregnant after challenges
  • Generated a higher level of income
  • Created a more peaceful and harmonious home or work environment
  • Recovered from clinical depression
  • Generated results beyond what they thought was possible
  • Recovered from a chronic physical condition
  • Experienced immediate healing from an injury
  • Presented in front of an audience with confidence, after having experienced profound anxiety
  • Released feelings of stress and anxiety
  • Experienced deeper levels of peace and contentment
  • Released excess weight
  • Recovered from agoraphobia
  • Stopped smoking
  • Experienced a higher level of enlightenment
  • Babies cried less and became more peaceful
  • A dying lamb survived and grew into a healthy sheep

“Karen helped me to see ‘the other end’ and to break the barrier which stopped me from realizing how I can really excel! Karen is truly stunning and I strongly recommend her, because she simply is a fabulous Coach.” ~ Ronelle

"Thank you very much for sharing your warmth and providing clarity in my life. The awareness I now have has given me comfort and strength to step on the stepping stones I come across and to “BE” the best person I can be.” ~ Josephine

"There are no words to express my gratitude for the most valuable and healing session.  It was wonderful and humbling!  You are so special.  God bless you!" ~ Angie

"Thank you very much for the session and all your help…. During my auditions I felt more sure of myself than I have in years – thank you for breaking the old pattern!" ~ Miho

"The session with you was most productive.  I truly experienced a higher level of enlightenment. Thanks for introducing me to this most effective source of personal growth and enhancement!" ~ Patty

"The energy shifting training session was one of the most powerful and valuable trainings I have ever attended…. I was able to immediately implement what I learned and I left the session with added self-confidence in my ability to manage life’s challenges." ~ Zayna

How Does Source Alignment Energy Shifting Work?

Watch This Video Of Karen Demonstrating A Session

Meta-science and the Law of Attraction tells us that we get what we resonate with.

To attract something different, we need to shift our resonance or frequencies.

But how do we change our resonance?

Source Alignment Energy shifting uses muscle checking to identify resonances to be shifted, and then what is required to shift the resonance.

Everything – thoughts, words, actions, physicality – is energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies.

When our frequencies are ‘out of tune’ or ‘off’, we resonate with limitation. This could be in health, relationships, prosperity, or anything.

You can identify this constricted or incoherent resonance, and shift it to a more optimal level – like tuning into a radio station.

When you resonate with, or are tuned into frequencies of positive, life-enhancing beliefs and possibilities, your experience of life spirals up to a higher vibration, giving you new perspectives, transformed experiences, and opening you to new possibilities.

“When The Magnet Does Not Attract The Needle, The Fault Lies In The Dirt That Covers Up The Needle.”

~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

About Karen

Karen Brunger is an award-winning holistic image trainer, and a pioneer in the industry. She has conducted workshops and sessions on personal energy and image on five continents. Karen’s systems and products are in over 80 countries. She has authored 15 books, co-authored others, and is a regular guest expert in the media.

Karen 7100

"I’ve always enjoyed Karen’s workshops as she puts her whole soul and energy into it to make it personal and effective. She has an amazing way to help you ‘let go’ of your disbelief and blockages to get the results you want. Karen is supernaturally human if there is such a term – she has a way of taking you to the next realm and yet stay very human and realistic. I highly recommend her workshops – you have to experience her to know what I mean!"

~ Li Kin


Vibration And The Law Of Attraction

Three universal principles explain how your thoughts and feelings shape and create your reality.

  1. The Law of Attraction: You ask the Universe or God or Source, whichever you are connected to, for what you want.
  2. The Deliberate Law of Creation: The Universe answers your request, essentially immediately.
  3. The Law of Allowing: You receive, or align with, or allow into your life your initial request.

We create what we are in alignment with.

To the extent that we focus on what we don’t want and doubt that we can have what we do what,  is the extent that we align with what is life-depleting.

The main goal of Source Alignment is to let go of limitations to align with what we want and our highest possibilities.