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Virtual Sessions and Referrals

What’s the Next Step to Enhance Your Appearance, Behaviour or Communication?

I’m happy to customize a virtual session for your requirements!

Please email me or call me to discuss.

WhatsApp +1 416-809-4321.

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I cannot begin to tell you how my life has changed as a result of our consultation. I am getting more respect personally and professionally, my sales volume has more than doubled, and I have more confidence and joy.

~ Norbert

Virtual sessions can be conducted on Zoom. Here are some options.

Colour Analysis

Discover your 'wow' colour palette.

Your personal ‘Wow’ palette are the colours in which you look the best, most powerful, and most vital.

Karen is a master at colour analysis, and can guide you in the right direction to the colours that suit you most.

We will choose the best photo that you send us and apply it to different colour frames or backgrounds, with an explanation of your undertone, season and flow.

You will receive:

  • your personal Zoom background palette
  • a digital download of your ‘wow’ palette

We will email you your Personal Colour Portfolio.

session - colour

If you would also like to purchase your personal colour swatch wallet, you can find them here.

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I wanted to thank you again…and tell you what a difference [the consultation] has made in my life. I have enjoyed feeling & looking my best … color clarity has given me greater confidence that I can feel inside & out… You are making a real difference in peoples lives just like me. Every day, since meeting you, I feel the truth in my appearance. Being authentic is a big deal to me; I relish in my new ability to highlight that authenticity with how I appear. It's real harmony, and it makes me feel so happy inside I almost can't stand it!

~ Jacqueline

Style and Wardrobe

Karen will do style and wardrobe recommendations for women and men.

You will receive:

  • a body assessment
  • your best styles
  • wardrobe strategies
  • personal image recommendations
  • Personal Image book
session - style and wardrobe
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You have made me look at life in a totally different perspective... It has changed me and made me work to become the best person I can be. I am very grateful to have had the chance to meet you. You have made an impact on my life and for this I will never forget you. Thank you for everything.

~ Tamara

Custom Session

Get customized recommendations to take your image to the next level.

A custom session can cover any aspect of appearance, behaviour or communication.

session - custom


Take your reputation and career to the level of visibility you want, and smooth the path to achieving your goals.

session - colour analysis


Discover your personal ‘Wow’ palette – the colours in which you look the best, most powerful, and most vital.

session - appearance 2


Identify the best styles that align with your physical characteristics, personality, and lifestyle so that you express your essence authentically and appropriately.

session - style and wardrobe


Acquire strategies for wardrobe editing and capsule planning to save you massive amounts of time, money and energy.

session - shopping


Get tips on what to look for in fit and quality, a wardrobe investment formula, and strategies on how, when and where to shop – so that you have a ‘wow’ wardrobe that works for you 24-7.

session - hair


Take advantage of the top hair image stylists in the industry to look your authentic best – for your facial shape, hair type, personality, and lifestyle.

session - makeup


Receive a personalized makeup chart, instructions, and makeup purchase recommendations from our makeup expert.

session - grooming


Incorporate a regime for skin care, nail care and hygiene that promotes healthy, clear skin and a well-groomed, clean appearance.

course etiquette


Gain familiarity and proficiency in dining, wining, conversation, spoken courtesies, and greetings so that you can be confident and appropriate in any situation.

session - social grace


Up-level your social and business manners, including host and guest role awareness, and digital reputation management, for heightened credibility and opportunities.

course communication


Implement verbal and non-verbal communication techniques for job interviews, meetings, and social events that can help you build positive relationships, manage conflict, and get the results you want.

course power presentations


Get tools for internal state management, presentation development, and public speaking that can elevate your power, presence and profit.

course holistic systems


Identify and transform limitations, and magnify your self-awareness, personal growth, self-esteem, confidence, and leadership to attain your desired outcomes.

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Receive a personal plan for stress, time, energy, and life management, and referrals as necessary to specialists in detoxification, weight balance, nutrition, fitness, cosmetic dentistry, stress release, body alignment, healing and more.

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I got the job as a direct result of your interview coaching!

~ Peter

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I am inspired by your energy and enthusiasm… You were able to help me overcome my fear of public speaking.

~ Denise

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Thanks again for…yesterday’s session. I am still on a high from it and have taken action steps for change – in seeing the bigger world available all around me instead of feeling stuck in the smaller one I live in everyday!

~ Irene Zimmerman