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Our 1-day playshops are open to individuals and organizations.

Or host a 3-hour clinic in your home with your friends.

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Colour analysis
Find Your WOW Colours

Experience the impact that colour can make. Identify the colours that sabotage and enhance you personally, and get your personal palette of ‘wow’ colours.

Styling your Personal Style

Discover your best styles and styling strategies for your body type, personality, and lifestyle.


Get a hands-on results-oriented consultation with Karen.  You will meet at a mall, and Karen will guide you to the best colours, styles, and value.  Limited to 5 people.

Personal Change for Personal Power

Tap into your potential to create extraordinary results.  Release blocks to increase energy and effectiveness.  Achieve higher levels of productivity, success, satisfaction and well-being.

Communicate with Confidence, Clout and Charisma

Discover and develop your leadership for enhanced power. Use verbal and non-verbal strategies to manage conflict, and somersault challenging situations into positive outcomes.

Power Presentations

Find out the secrets of great speakers and get the tools that will heighten your performance, increase your personal power and absolutely transform you into an unforgettable and riveting speaker.

Etiquette for Social Grace and Professional Polish

Are you minding your manners? Acquire the polish you need to increase your credibility and personal effectiveness as well as garner the respect you deserve in both professional and social situations.

Dining and Conversation

Navigate even the most complicated table setting with ease.  Establish good table manners and get the secrets of power dining.  Practice the art of conversation and spoken courtesies.

Style and Wardrobe for Men

Develop confidence in assessing menswear construction, styles and wardrobe.  Dress men appropriately for body type, personality and lifestyle.  Men can bring an outfit for assessment!

Grooming, Makeup and Wellness

Get tips on grooming, aesthetics, and choosing products.  Apply techniques to enhance facial shapes, features, and colouring.

Source Alignment Energy Shifting

Acquire a step-by-step process of self-healing which enables you to identify and transform unconscious patterns underlying any limitation, and facilitate a shift in frequency wave patterns to resonate with positive goals and intentions.

Conscious Communication

Dramatically improve your methods of communicating and develop strategies to always maintain control of your response, regardless of the challenge.

This challenging and non-traditional 2-day program is laid out in a series of communication exercises that you complete as both a coach and a student.  You’ll leave with much more confidence and clarity.

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