A Profit Opportunity for Image Consultants

Executive Presence System Licensee Program by Diane Craig

Diane Craig recently announced a new global expansion program for Image Consultants seeking certification as Executive Presence Licensees. As founder and president of Toronto-based Corporate Class Inc.,Diane’s time-tested program provides qualified Image Consultants with a powerful opportunity to break into the lucrative corporate world.

See profits within weeks

Acclaimed across North America, her Executive Presence System puts this established brand name to work for you, as a door opener across a vast range of industries, including Fortune 500 companies. You receive immediate recognition to build your own corporate client network. As a Certified Licensee, the stage is set for you to develop relationships with organizations  – and increase your profit margin.

Your own Exclusive territory

Diane has made this offer a limited opportunity in order to guarantee every Licensee an exclusive territory for the first 2 years, within North American or internationally. You benefit from wide-open opportunities without fear of competition. Plus, Licensees receive Diane’s proven proposal templates and sample contracts to help build and foster strong, productive client relationships.

Executive Presence: Far more than just looking the part

During the past 30 years, Diane has trained a wide spectrum of women and men within the corporate world – from senior executives and middle management to fast-trackers and new recruits. Diane is constantly adding new programs and materials that make her system the go-to resource for Executive Presence training.

As a Licensee Image Consultant, Diane’s Executive Presence System provides you with the reputation, the training and the tools to build your corporate client lists and contacts. Diane created this system to provide organizations with the training their executives and key-employees require to move up the ladder and become high-fliers.

Far more than enabling ambitious women and men just to look the part, her training system shows them how to master mandatory executive competencies:

  • Understanding the key components of Professional and Executive Presence
  • Communication Skills:  Non-verbal communication, Interpersonal skills, Speaking skills, Techno-communication
  • How to command a room and host business meals
  • The Executive Best Workplace Practices:  Actions and Behaviours
  • Appearance
Executive Presence: Neither Exclusive nor Elusive

Diane personally trains and coaches every Licensee at her Toronto-based head office. From start to finish, Diane walks you through her proven strategies and formulas to ensure you master the abilities and confidence to become an authoritative, successful Executive Presence System Licensee and Trainer.

Licensees receive comprehensive materials from Trainer Guides and Participant Manuals to the extensive deck of approximately 500 professionally designed Power Point Slides that accompany presentations. In addition, Licensees gain access to Diane’s proven proposal templates for opening corporate doors.

Plus, you receive an extensive range of additional tools including:

  • Sample contract agreements
  • Executive Presence psychometric assessment tools, created by Corporate Class and exclusive to Licensees
  • Scorecards for your clients


  • Online announcements and a media release of your association with Diane

If you’re ready to take your business – and passion – to the next exciting level, contact Diane personally. Discover if you qualify to apply as a Licensee.  www.corporateclassinc.com

International Image Institute Inc. is a compensated affiliate of Corporate Class Inc.