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Magazine Articles

Karen has been a contributing writer to B Magazine, Active Life Magazine, Women with Vision, and Bodi-Eko.  Some of these articles have been included in our Blog.

7 Easy Pieces

A Wardrobe for Comfort

Accessories for Spring and for You

Accessorize Your Look

Accessorizing for Fall and Winter

Accessorizing for the Occasion

Accessorizing the Little Black Dress

Active Wear for Women and Men

Age-Defying Tips

Ageless Warm Weather Styling

Beauty at Any Age

Behind the Scenes with Karen

Body Language

Celebrating Canadian Fashion

Clothing Options for Breast Cancer Survivors

Colour Pick-Me-Up

Dare to Swim in Ageless Style

Developing Ageless Style

Developing Individual Style

Do’s and Don’ts of Individual Styling

Dress for Success

Dressing for the Ages

Dressing for the Holidays

Eco-Friendly Fashion

Fall Accessories and How to Coordinate Them

Fall Essentials

Fall Fashion – a New Spin on an Old Wardrobe

Fashion Accessories to Individualize Your Style

Fashion Faux and Style No’s

Fashion for Any Age

Fashion Preview

Fashion Trends

From Beach to Barbeque

From Casual to Glamour

From Sabotage to Savvy

Greening of Fashion


Healing Through Touch

Holiday and Gift Giving Etiquette

Holiday Happenings

How to Dress for Dates – and Not be ‘Dated’

How to Find Your Wow Colours

How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Image of Abundance

Is Your Image Keeping You Stuck

Living Karate-Style

Make-Up Trends

Matching Your Personal Colouring

Must-Have Accessories

My Biggest Secret

One Dress – Many Looks

Packing to Travel

Party Tips

Party Wear

Personal Branding Through Image

Public Speaking – Overcoming the Fear


Seductive Scents

Shades of Style

Social Style and What to Do About It

Style Do’s and Don’ts

Style for All Occasions

Style Updates

Summer Etiquette – Socialize With Ease

Surviving the Swimwear Dilemma

Swimwear – What Suits Your Shape

Test Your Etiquette Edge

The Art of Sensuous Dressing

The Colours of Spring

Top 5 Accessories

Top 10 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe

Transitioning to Retirement

Transitioning Your Wardrobe

Update Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe on the Go

Warm Weather Fashion

What Does Your Social Body Language Reveal?

What to Wear – Extending Your Wardrobe

Your Emerging Image

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