Personal Shopping

Recommendations for the clothing that is right for you at the tailors and stores most appropriate for your requirements


Hair style advice, cut, and colour from award-winning stylists and colourists


A personalized makeup chart, instructions, and makeup purchase recommendation

  • Regime for skin care and nail care
  • Aesthetics session could incorporate facial, manicure, and pedicure
Dining and Conversation
  • Dining and wining familiarity
  • Conversation, spoken courtesies, and greetings proficiency
Social Grace
  • Social and business manners
  • Host and guest role awareness
  • Internal state management
  • Presentation development for power results
  • Public image and digital reputation recommendations
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication strategies for presentations, job interviews, meetings, interpersonal communications, etc.
  • Relationship building and conflict management techniques
Personal Presence and Power
  • Systems to increase self-awareness, personal growth, self-esteem, confidence, and leadership
  • Tools to identify and transform limitations and move to higher levels of awareness and desired outcomes
Energy Shifting

Life issues identified and repatterned

  • Wellness guidelines and a personal plan
  • Stress, time, energy, and life management systems
  • Referrals as required to specialists in detoxification, weight management, fitness, cosmetic dentistry, stress release, body alignment, and more
Your Image Revealed Photography Session

The proof of your amazing ‘grand finale’ image in photographs

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