The Vibrational Scale of Consciousness – a Model for Personal Growth

The Vibrational Scale of Consciousness is a model for personal growth.  The Vibrational Scale has 3 major levels and 7 minor levels.  Low frequencies correspond to energetic constrictions. Energy constrictions manifest in anger, limitations, and fear.  High frequencies correspond to peace, possibilities, and love. The 3 major levels or fields of the Vibrational Scale of…

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Self-Concept Change Formula

Self-Concept Change Formula Here is a 3-step self-concept change formula that you can use to improve anything. Doing even just one step can be transformational. 1. Visualize Thoughts are frequencies, which means they create. Have a clear mental picture of the self-concept you want. How would you act, think, and feel? The non-conscious mind cannot…

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Eco-Friendly Fashion – part 2 of 2

As we are now aware that thought is vibration, and that vibration affects matter, even the thoughts and feelings that go into the creation of the fabric and the garment can have an effect (usually non-consciously) on our own frequencies.

Nicole Bridger, a Canadian fashion designer, puts an affirmation label in each garment. The first recipient of the Design Forward Award from FTA (Fashion Takes Action), not only sustainable fabrics, but positive relationships and high ethics have contributed to her success. According to Nicole, “we strongly believe that the energy that we put out into the world is important for our own spirit and for others”.

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