Visualize: Business Lesson #1

The first step to success is to visualize the highest possible ideals for you and your company.  The highest possibilities are heart-based, rather than ego-based.  What is it that you truly desire in your heart?  What is the best you can imagine?  The more detailed your visualization, the more powerful.

The best time to visualize is just before you fall asleep, when you are in a calm, relaxed state.  Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and set your mind free.

A good visualization may last around 20 minutes.  Rather than controlling what you visualize, allow your mind to bring images to you, with the intention that they are what is for your highest and best.

Your non-conscious mind (which has far more power than your conscious mind) will store your visualization as a memory.  It cannot tell the difference between what you have actually experienced, and what you have imagined experiencing.  Your non-conscious accepts your visualization as real.  Whatever you have done before, you can do again. Whatever you are able to imagine, you are able to create.

The more you visualize the same event, the more energy it holds, and the stronger the frequency. Thoughts are energy – they are as real as you.

What you visualize you attract.  As life (and business) requires constant growth, what you visualize may continue to move to higher and higher levels.  Visualization can propel you further into your possibilities.

Karen Brunger is an image consultant and trainer.